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The facade of a house can change the whole look and feel of a home, especially the exterior.

A facade is defined as the principal front of a building, which faces onto a street or open space. Today, we are going to examine 10 stunning examples of this, providing inspiration for our own homes and decor styles. 

You are going to see just how fabulous a facade can be along with the smartest ways to integrate them into your home. 

Let's go!

1. Layers

One of the best ways to create a modern exterior that packs a punch is to use your facade to create different levels, layers, volumes, shapes and textures. 

In this example, by Camilo Pulido Architects, we can see how the designers have used white and chocolate brown throughout the facade, making little areas that flow into one another. How gorgeous is this home? 

Tip: Use white throughout the exterior of the home and add a chocolate brown facade to enhance the look and feel.

2. Stone

Stone is always a wonderful material, inside or outside the house. Stone adds an earthy and warm tone to the home, and when used as a facade for the exterior of the home, it creates a beautiful country look.

You can pair a stone facade with other sandy brown tones, like these designers have done, or you can go for a more pale white or beige. 

3. Slats of wood

Look at how wooden slats have been used throughout this apartment block as a facade, creating privacy and shade for the hallways of the block. 

Wood is a great material for the exterior as it's durable and looks trendy, neat and modern too!

4. Glass

Claasical aluminium stack doors and skylights Tech Glass and Aluminium Skylights Glass
Tech Glass and Aluminium

Claasical aluminium stack doors and skylights

Tech Glass and Aluminium

Glass is another incredible material for a facade. It allows sunlight to spill into the home and it looks gorgeous too! It also creates a transparent barrier between the interior and exterior—a modern and trendy trick.

Check out these: Eight great ways to furnish your home with glass.

5. Go all out

Remember that the exterior of your home is the first impression that anyone is going to get of your house. Considering that your home is an extension of your personality, you want it to look fabulous and sleek.

In this design, by TJ Architects, we can see how wood, glass and stone have all been used in harmony to create a spectacular first impression. Wouldn't you want to live int his home?

6. Integrate with nature

Your facade is an opportunity to enhance the exterior of your home and what better place to start than by taking inspiration from the nature that surrounds your home? 

In this example, we can see how the designers have gone for a dark wood, which they've used as a facade throughout the exterior of the home. This is congruent with the rich forest that surrounds the home.

7. Pick a theme

Picking a theme for your facade as well as the outside of your home can truly determine just how beautiful your home will be. 

In this design, by Escala Architects, we can see how the architects have picked a Balinese theme. This has influenced the facade, creating a beautiful ambiance. 

8. A little this and a little that

This home integrates glass and wood in an otherwise plain exterior, where the designers have picked white for the walls. The glass and wood just enhances this slightly and yet subtly.

The overall look of the exterior is also enhanced beautifully with the perfectly landscaped garden. 

This home is very similar to a home we've explored once before. Check out this: Ideabook on exploring the white house.

9. Solid as a rock

Don't be afraid to opt for chunky and bold facades. Look at how much character and texture it brings the home!

Grey stone paired with wood is always a great option, especially if you like an earthy hue. 

10. Subtle and sleek

We end of our ideabook examining this gorgeous home, with it's subtle and sleek facade. It looks like the home is made of pure, white granite!

You'll also notice that the designers have used lights to enhance the facade. This is a great tip!

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