14 tips for taking care of your beautiful wood furniture

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Opting for the right quality when it comes to wood furniture might cost a bit more, but in return you gain the knowledge and confidence that you are investing in something timeless. And when taken care of, wood furniture can literally last a lifetime – just think about how many treasured heirlooms have been passed down from generation to generation.  

But life does happen, and even the top-quality wood pieces crafted by some of the best professional Carpenters are not exempt from nicks and scratches if not cared for properly. 

Our best tip ever? When purchasing new wood furniture, always ask about the piece’s specific cleaning and care instructions. Then make sure you commit to these 14 tips and tricks to keep them looking new and beautiful for much longer…  

1. Protect those top surfaces

Whether in the kitchen, dining room or living areas, start  investing in coasters, mugs, plates, and whatever else you can find to keep your wood surfaces (especially when dealing with hot items) protected. 

2. Say “no” to cold, wet things

Anything that’s hot, cold or moist will react with those wood surfaces and, if left long enough, result in discoloured white rings and other weird marks. 

3. Opt for felt pads

Felt pads are not only for chair- and table legs; so, invest in some to use under your lamps, vases, and other decorative accessories that may scratch that top surface if moved. 

4. Dust often

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And your best warriors in the never-ending fight against dust are cotton T-shirts, cloth diapers, and microfiber cloths to help avoid damage. 

5. Watch your materials

Materials like plastic, nylon, and rubber shouldn’t come into contact with your wood surfaces, as they may eventually affect your wood finish in a negative way. Remember to check the feet of your computer and other electronic items.  

6. Keep your feet off

Since it’s very easy for rough- and sharp edges on shoes to scratch a wood surface, it’s recommended that you NOT rest your feet on the furniture. 

7. Keep your pets off

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We believe that any damage caused to wood furniture by a pet is completely unintentional. However, spare yourself the grief (and your pet the embarrassment) and keep them off your wood pieces at all times. 

8. Be careful with heating and cooling

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Don’t place your wood furniture close to fireplaces, heating and cooling vents. Watch out for moisture sources, like humidifiers. And keep them out of direct sunlight, as daily exposure to heat or sunshine (even indirectly) can cause your wood finishes to fade while drying out the wood (which will eventually lead to cracking).  

9. Keep your wood clean

Keep away from all-purpose cleaners, as they may very well damage the finish of your wood furniture. 

10. Don’t overuse product

Many commercial polishes and sprays contain either petroleum distillates or silicone oil. These help along a fresh and shiny finish and also protect the wood. But make sure not to use too much, as a build-up mixed with dirt can lead to a dull, sticky film. 

11. Paint it better

If your wood furniture's damage extends beyond minor scratches, breathe new life into it via a beautiful paint job.

12. Keep it smelling fresh

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Project Asgard @ Pasir Ris

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Older wood furniture can sometimes develop an unpleasant smell, particularly when stored for long. Keep it smelling fresh by sprinkling some baking soda onto the surface, and placing a pan of charcoal inside the drawers (it helps to absorb all smells originating on the inside). 

Alternatively, leave the pieces outside (yet in the shade) on a warm, dry day.  

13. What about a writing pad?

When using a wood table for writing, go the extra mile and place a thick surface underneath (like a book or magazine). 

14. Control your climate

It’s very easy for wood to swell or contract, depending on the environment. Living in a dry area might mean investing in a humidifier for your home. And should you live in a humid environment, you may need to look at controlling your home’s moisture levels. 

Now, remember what you’ve learned from caring about your wood furniture before tackling The homify guide to decorating your industrial loft apartment

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