Tips for Picking Out Pet-Friendly Furniture

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Picking out pet-friendly furniture is so much more than an investment in a couch or dining table that will withstand your pet’s scratches… It’s about showing your beloved fur, feathered, or finned friend that they’re a part of the family.

By considering your pet’s needs (and destructive tendencies) when picking furniture, you’ll be able to create a home that is just as comfortable for your favorite companion as it is for you.

These tips for picking out pet-friendly furniture will transform your home that everyone (no matter how many legs they might have) can enjoy.

1. Colors

Obviously, when going through your interior design process, you will have looked at color palettes and schemes to select the colors that best reflect who you are and what you want your household to look like… But did you think of your pets?!

When you’re picking furniture for your home, if you have animals in the house, you’re probably going to want to avoid light colors such as whites and creams. Not only will these show up hairs and fur, but muddy pawprints and accidents do not go well with a stylishly light couch!

That said, dark colors such as black will show up fur from a white cat or dog just as badly! Give some thought to your pet’s coloring, and work with your stylist to create a color scheme that won’t be ruined by stray hairs or pet mess! You could even incorporate some color therapy for pets into your décor to create a truly pet-friendly environment. 

2. Materials

While darker and patterned upholstery can go a long way towards disguising mess and stains caused by your pet, you should also give some thought to the materials… You’re not going to want to spend thousands of dollars on a new couch only for your cat to decide it makes the perfect scratching post!

Pick fabrics that are resistant to snags and tears, and think about cleaning. Microfiber is often considered a super pet-friendly material as it’s easy to clean and is exceptionally durable. Tweed is an awful choice for households with pets as the fabric traps hair and stains.

Leather is another common choice for pet-friendly households as it’s so easy to wipe down. However, it can be damaged by claws and nails, so you might want to consider slipcovers or throws to reduce punctures and scratches.

You should also think about pet-friendly flooring materials. Allergen resistant, moisture-wicking, and easy-to-clean should all be priorities when choosing your pet-friendly flooring. If you don’t love wall-to-wall hard floors, then rugs and throws are a great way to add softness to the room without needing to constantly worry about accidents. 

3. Heights 

Cats have a natural instinct to seek high ground and climb, so considering these needs will go a long way toward cultivating a home your cats will love. Arranging your furniture to create a sort of ‘staircase’ to the highest cabinets or the top of the closet will provide your pets with a playground to enjoy.

You could also install some cat shelves on an unused wall to help your kitties satisfy their natural instincts. Incorporating some scratching posts will deal with two issues for the price of one!

But while we generally think of cats as more adventurous, dogs can also benefit from being offered different height levels. If you allow your dog on the furniture, you might want to think about getting a dog ramp to help them transition more easily. This is a particularly good idea if you have an elderly or smaller dog, but all breeds and sizes will love being welcomed up for a snuggle! 

4. Safe Spaces

All animals appreciate having a safe space they can hide away in. Although many pets will instinctively seek out and claim a spot in your house, creating a spot for them is a wonderful way to show them how much you care.

But creating a spot for your pet doesn’t need to be a massive corner of the room, as many companies now create furniture specifically designed for your pet that integrates into your home. 

For example, you can find dog crates built into kitchen islands or litter trays incorporated into side tables or cupboards. These pieces of furniture combine style and functionality for items that work for every member of the household at once!

5. Wellbeing

In addition to picking the right pieces of furniture for your pet-friendly household, you should also give some thought to the cleaning materials and plants you have in your home. Many plants can be toxic to pets, so do some research and ensure that the aloe vera plant you’re growing isn’t poisoning your fur baby! 

We know your pet is so much more than an animal; they’re a part of the family! Choosing furniture that suits their needs as well as your own will go a long way to creating a welcoming and happy household for everyone… Not to mention it will likely save you a fortune in cleaning and repairs!

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