15 pretty patterns for a stylish living room

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When imagining how we’ll be creating or redecorating a room, the placement of furniture and what kind of accessories we’d like to include are usually first on the list. And in the process we usually forget about one very important style weapon at our disposal: patterns.

It does happen on occasion that we look at a room and even though it has a multitude of different colors, beautiful furniture and decorative pieces, we get the feeling that something’s missing. Usually, it’s one of two things: pattern or texture, and sometimes it could be both.

After all, it’s patterns that help make a space pop. Think how boring life would have been had there been no soft floral patterns, swirly paisley, elegant damask, trippy ikat, or any of the other thousands of amazing patterns out there.  

Let’s see how some of these patterns, and so many others, have been used (by professional Interior Designers and Decorators, obviously) to infuse living rooms with detail, drama and character. 

1. Take it easy

See how there's no reason to overdo patterns? A slight design in your floor rug, a subtle motif on your ceiling light, plus one or two additional ones on furnishings and decor in the middle—DONE!

2. Breaking the monotony

You know we love our neutrals, but it can be easy to overdo it with those soft whites, grays, etc. The key is, obviously, pattern to help distinguish different pieces, surfaces and finishes.

3. Look closely

Patterns are (almost) everywhere, so you really don’t need to add an overload of wallpaper (or scatter cushions, or rugs… ) in order to appreciate them. They can even show up in certain architectural features, like this stunning brick wall with fireplace.

4. Save the day with style

Now this is how you splash some style and detail onto a what-could-have-been-a-rather-dull wall.

5. Consistency is always key

A combination of patterns can be über stylish as long as there's a visual link. See how these chair patterns and rug motifs seem very similar, even though they’re not 100% identical – and they don’t need to be. 

6. Nice and easy

The ever-popular scatter cushion is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to introduce pattern (and color) into your living room. 

7. Kick it up a notch

See how magical things can get when blending pattern (and texture, let's be honest) with lighting to produce this delightful interplay between light and shadow?

8. Moving up

How refreshing to see homeowners (and design professionals) devote some TLC to eye-catching ceiling designs, too! 

9. This way, please

Is it just us, or are these rug patterns elegantly (and very subtly) guiding us towards those inviting sofas? Of course they are (similar to wooden parquet floors in a herringbone pattern), and it’s one of the many reasons why patterns are so popular in interior design. 

10. Just a tad can be plenty

Even if you only splash some patterns on your window treatment, that's still adequate for some charm and visual character. Especially if your pattern colors match those of your accessories and décor. 

11. Look to your furniture

Get creative with your choice in furnishings—even this slim little shelf case secretly injects some pattern into the space via its unique shape.

12. Repeat yourself

Could there be a stronger visual link between the wall art and the patterned cushions of the two head chairs? Even the colors match perfectly—extra style points for this living room!

13. Fabulous for floors

See how pattern, especially when used in flooring, can be used to distinguish between different ‘zones’ in an open-plan layout? 

14. Take it outside

Don't discount the style power of using patterned flooring for your exterior living room / patio. 

15. Let pattern wow your wall(s)

This is certainly one way to make an eye-catching focal wall stand out.

Next up, we’ll be showing you how to Lighten up your dark kitchen with these 12 tricks.

How are you planning on “patterning up” your living room?

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