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Everything you must know about King Crop

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Cover cropping is on the minds of many farmers as a solution for improving the output of different rotations and cropping plans - especially given the spotlight that is now on soil health. 

King Crop are fast growing annuals which, when planted between two cash crops, have the ability to boost yields as well as deliver financial savings. For many they are becoming an integral part of the rotation given their agronomic benefits for following crops, helping to increase organic matter levels, capture vital nutrients, improve soil structure and reduce pollution.

As well as the benefits they bring direct to the field cover crops can form a core element of agri-environment schemes, providing growers with additional revenue streams as a result.

To achieve maximum results, several factors must be considered when choosing a cover crop, including target benefits, planting date, following crop timings, soil type, location and the rotation as a whole. Expert advice is essential in making the correct decision - the right cover crop will be different from farm to farm.

Cover crops to boost your soils - and your business

Working alongside colleagues from SOYL and Frontier as part of its Soil Life service, our advisors can help you put your plans for improved soil health and resilience into action. Alongside comprehensive soil analysis, we can help you select a cover crop or a custom made mixture that will suit your farm's needs, safely fit into your rotation, save on nitrogen costs, boost the sustainability of your soils and increase your yields.

We are constantly developing our expertise and are heavily involved in on-farm testing and the evaluation of cover crops. Through ongoing research and development, we produce all our own mixtures which are fully proven in the UK. Some of our most innovative demonstration work is undertaken in partnership with several host farmers as part of Frontier's Soil Life trials network.

Advantage of using king crop

King crop- 98 is natural amino acid, humic acid and fulvic acid absorbed powerful balls which increases vegetative growth and quality of the plant. It enhances the nutrient uptake by increasing no .of white fibre roots of the crops. It adds organic matter in the soil. It helps plant for standing in unfavorable climatic condition. It increases the greenness of the plant and plant become healthy. It increases crop quality and yield.

Crop King is a plant growth activator, stimulant and yield booster. It is a mixture of naturally present micro nutrients which increases the soil fertility strengthens the crop and in turn increases the production. It is the mixture of micro sulphur elements, zinc, magnesium, boron, manganese and iron.

Compared with conventional agriculture, organic farming uses fewer pesticides, reduces soil erosion, decreases nitrate leaching into groundwater and surface water, and recycles animal wastes back into the farm. 

These benefits are counterbalanced by higher food costs for consumers and generally lower yields. Indeed, yields of organic crops have been found to be about 25 percent lower overall than conventionally grown crops, although this can vary considerably depending upon the type of king crop

The challenge for future organic agriculture will be to maintain its environmental benefits, increase yields, and reduce prices while meeting the challenges of climate change and an increasing world population.