22 Clever, Cute and Awesome Ideas for Tiny Homes

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Just because your home is small doesn't mean you have to compromise on style and on creating a beautiful environment in which you love to spend time. Today we're taking a look at a few ideas that could get you inspired to make use of every square metre that you've got. Of course that sometimes means intentionally leaving certain sections empty; small doesn't have to mean clutter, after all. 

It's about figuring out what you need, what you want and where you have to compromise while factoring in some clever adjustments and ideas that make the most of small spaces while staying in line with your overall design vision. 

1. Making space for more than one

If you need to turn a bedroom, or room in general, into a space where two people can sleep then an idea like this is a fantastic one worth considering. It's not only totally ergonomic, it's also very stylish and when those two concepts are combined, you get a beautiful fusion of what you need and what looks good. That's the key in any interior design scheme but it's particularly important to keep in mind when you only have a small space to work with. 

What makes a design like this so special is that you don't need much space to implement it, and it's the kind of clever concept that even wealthy home owners with huge spaces will want. 

2. Divide a room with a curtain

When you're limited to a studio space, take it as an opportunity as opposed to something to feel stressed about. Plenty of people in the biggest cities in the world live in studios and make do with the space brilliantly. This space is divided into a living room and bedroom via a simple curtain across the ceiling. The really clever thing about this curtain is that it doesn't box the room off and make it even smaller because it's easily retractable, instead it allows the option to create separate rooms and feel a sense of cosyness while sleeping. 

The other smart thing about this room is the choice of a small, two-seater couch/sofa. By opting for a small size, the room isn't overcrowded or an all couch situation. 

3. The improvised wardrobe

Many small homes don't come with built-in wardrobes so it's up to us to improvise and come up with clever ideas for storing our clothing. Everyone wants something that gets the job done but is also easy on the eye. Pictured above is a perfect example of this because while it provides a good solution for hanging and stacking clothing items and shoes, it also looks really cool and can easily be slotted into a corner or placed against a wall. There are are many options available in terms of racks and set-ups like this. They often don't require a large investment but might cost a bit more than the plastic rack from a two-dollar-store. 

It's up to you to decide if you want to fork out a little bit of extra cash—but if you want a result like this, it's totally worth it.  

4. Desk next to the sofa

We all know that when we're working with a small space, finding somewhere to set up your desk, or simply somewhere to work from home, is a difficult task. The good news is that there are quite a lot of solutions. From maximising the space on a dining table to possibly keeping a desk in your closet, the options are endless. What we see here is another good idea. If there's space on the wall, you can line up a small desk next to your couch. It helps to break up the room without taking up too much extra floor space. By bolting shelving to the wall above it, more space is saved and a place to store books and other items is created. 

5. Cute little in-Kitchen dining space

Much like a home office, finding somewhere for a dining table is a difficult task when you live in a small apartment or studio. Many people opt to ditch it all together and simply eat on the couch or in bed. Whatever you choose, you can make it work, but this is a good idea if you want a little surface dedicated as a space where you can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. If you choose a small table and small chairs that fit into your kitchen, it won't take up too much space and can double as being helpful when you need that extra surface during cooking.

6. The whole room as one

Now this is an idea for those with a particular sense of creativity. It's also a cool idea for a teenager's room as the likely want their own space that they can escape into. It will require a fair bit of planning to get it right, but clearly the results are awesome, and make great use of space. Even if you're not one hundred percent keen on the design, there are a couple of things you can take away from it in terms of planning for small spaces. Using the space under the bed or couch is a great way to optimise storage, and hanging a bike on a wall is a clever way to make room for it. 

7. Classic combined living and dining room

This one is a bit of a no-brainer but it's worth making the list anyway because frankly, it's the best option in many places. The designers here have used the space to make room for a lounge area and a dining area. By placing the dining table on its side against the wall, there is also space for a bigger dining table, which means it can easily double as a desk or workspace. With that in mind, they've actually made us of the small area next to the arm of the couch, underneath the wall shelving for a home office set up—genius idea and super easy to implement.  

8. Lofts are timeless

There is something so alluring about loft style room, whether you like small spaces or not. It essentially turns a room into two rooms. You can easily have a bedroom, living room and office in a single space with a clever design choice like this, and the staircase can easily function as a space for storage. What's even nicer is that there is something so incredibly cosy about the space created under the loft. The designers here have done an excellent job of making us of every nook and cranny without overcrowding the room. 

What's also interesting is that more often than not, people use the loft itself as the bedroom space, but in this instance the loft appears to have been used for more of a living/working area, while the bed is tucked away in the cosy position. Certainly worth thinking about. 

9. Illusion based artwork

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Okay so this style definitely isn't for everyone, but if you really need to make a room seem bigger than it's worth considering. Of course, the old classic is to hang a mirror to bring more space to a room but this works in a similar way while also creating intrigue toward the artwork itself. Whether you want the a piece like this to be the focal point of your living area or not is one question, whether you want people to walk into the wall is another. Really though, no one is actually going to think there's a wharf leading into the middle of the ocean in your living room. Then again if it's this realistic, they just might. It's also quite relaxing to look at.

Obviously there are many options and designs to think about, so give it a go—you might just find something that you like. 

10. Bunk beds

We had a look at some pretty amazing bunk beds in the first image but you can go for something a bit more traditional while maintaining awesome design style and functionality. In this all white space, naturally the beds follow suit and conform to the all white look themselves, only incorporating some touches of grey into the overall finish. The steps up to the top bunk are cleverly used as storage spaces and and desk is brilliantly integrated with the head of the bottom bunk, creating a sense of unity and a beautiful flow throughout the space. 

There's also something very relaxing about a desk that over looks a window—so it's only natural that we simply adore this room. 

11. Pop down desk

Sometimes there is ample space for a desk but when we want a flowing room with plenty of space to get around unhindered, things can become a bit tricky. That's when a pop-down, or fold down desk can come in very handy. As you can see here, there is no compromise on style and the Eames inspired chair finishes the look off perfectly. By bolting this unit to the wall, it appears as a storage set-up when the desk isn't down, and then finds a nice line between modern and classic through the Scandinavian look and the design inspiration from the traditional Secretary desk.  

12. Pop down bed

A studio classic is the pop down bed, or a bed that folds down from the wall. During the day, the space functions as a living room with a sofa/couch, TV and desk. Then, when it's time for sleep you can simply fold the bed down and voila! You have a sleeping space. 

This style is pretty niche and polarising, in the sense that you'll either love it or hate it and that it caters to a specific design style or personality. Here, the space is quite masculine, leaning toward the bachelor pad vibe but with different colour schemes and furniture choices, you can adapt this idea to meet just about any design style… maybe not rustic, but who knows!

13. Stack it up

Of all the rooms we're showcasing, this one probably makes the most of the space that it's got. Anyone who's watched Girls might be reminded of Charlie's apartment in season one and two, where he cleverly used every tiny bit of his apartment to build something that felt ten times its size. 

In this instance the bed is clearly the centrepiece—but everything around it serves an important purpose too and provides a significant amount of storage space that would otherwise be completely lost. You don't have to completely redesign your bedroom to install something like this. Instead, you could take elements and lace them in. 

16. Another loft solution

This loft takes the more traditional approach than the one above, as it puts the bed in the loft itself and goes for a cosy office nook in the space underneath. As far as design styles go, this is a fairly cluttered space—but in a totally stylish way. What really ties the space together is that they've gone for a clear colour scheme. Colour scheming isn't always necessary and can sometimes look a little bit too contrived but in this instance, it's pulled off brilliantly. 

17. Pop out dining table

We've already established that finding space for a dining room in a small apartment or studio is a super difficult task. In this instance they've opted for a kitchen island with a little pull-out section that transforms it into a dining table, or theoretically further preparation space. 

The blue and white design here creates a real sense of openness and playfulness while the floorboards and simple chairs bring minimalism and modernity stark back to it. We love every aspect of this design. 

18. Shelf divider combination

Dividing a room can be done in a soft and multi-functional way, like with a curtain, or it can be a more permanent fixture that decides once and for all, this is not a studio—it's a one bedroom apartment!

You'll need to have a little bit of space to work with in the first place, but if you've got it there's no reason not to install something like this, just make sure you really think about the space and exactly what you'll use it for before taking the plunge. By creating shelves and a slot for the TV, this wall works brilliantly. Part of what makes it work so well is that it's not completely closed off, meaning it doesn't box the apartment up too much. 

19. Thank about bathroom space

Small room Madame Ant Walls
Madame Ant

Small room

Madame Ant

Rarely do we think of the bathroom as a place where we can take advantage of space. Usually it's about figuring out how to fit our necessary items in without cluttering the room up too much. This little bathroom tells us to throw caution to the wind and do exactly the opposite. Why not go for striped wallpaper? Why not put a shelf everywhere that it's possible to do so? A mirror? Sure! A clock? Why not! 

Sometimes going against all advice can result in the perfect space, just try to keep a cool head while you go at it. There's a good chance you'll end up with something pretty charming. 

20. Kitchen solutions

Small kitchens are a nightmare in terms of find places to keep things, simple as that. The last thing most people want are benches covered in appliances and crockery, or items piling up in places they don't belong. Solutions like this are a great idea. By installing a fairly simple rack set-up you can hang, place and organise things in an easy to manage and functional way that takes full advantage of the cupboard. 

21. Understair space is valuable

It's always worth considering what can be done with the space underneath a staircase, whether you're thinking about it from a design perspective, a space perspective or both. This little area can often be forgotten—but it should be. See, for example our ideabook on: Inventive ways to use the space under your stairs.  

22. Desk in a nook

Many apartments have spaces like this that we simply aren't quite too sure what to do with. Often we tuck display shelves and storage type items into the area and hope that they are easy enough to on the eye. This idea shows that it can be used in a more ergonomic, functional and practical way. 

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