10 practical ideas for your empty spare room

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If your abode presents more space than you know what to do with, consider yourself very lucky. And then start thinking about ideas on how to fill that bare space not only with furnishings and accessories, but also style, practicality and purpose.

And just to help you out (and since it’s so early in the new year), we’re going to be throwing some spare-room ideas into the air to see which one(s) could best work for you and your space. 

1. A home office

Working from home is the new normal, so if you have the chance to carve out a neat little home office, then do it! And although the rest of your home may enjoy its own unique style, your home office (which is, like your bedroom, your own private space) should reflect your personal style. 

And remember: the more appealing and comfortable the room, the more time you’ll spend in it. 

2. A guest bedroom

Not that we have anything against dozing on a sofa bed in the living room or study, but if you have the space then why wouldn’t you subject your overnight guests to something bigger and fancier – like an entire bedroom? 

3. A yoga room

There has seemingly never been a better time to meditate and stay healthy. Thus, if 2021 is not going as you envisioned it, opt for your very own yoga studio to help you relieve tension and stress. If possible, your yoga room should be far from the loud and busy areas of your home, like the kitchen. 

homify hint: Add a chest of drawers or trunk to keep your yoga mat, towels, pillows, and other accessories neatly out of the way. 

4. A home gym

With your very own home gym, you’ll never have another excuse to skip a workout (except maybe when you’re feeling ill). And if your exercise requires heavy lifting and loud music, it might be a better idea to move your workout zone to the basement.

We recommend adding a stationary bike for warm-ups and cool-downs, some free weights, your yoga mat, and (if you have the legroom) a proper exercise machine like a treadmill or elliptical trainer. 

5. A library / reading room

With an entire room dedicated to reading, your book-storage problem is solved! And depending on your style (and budget), you can opt for anything from built-in and floor-to-ceiling mahogany bookshelves to simple (yet charming) floating shelves or bookcases for a more contemporary space. 

Don’t forget to add a super comfy reading (and sitting, and lounging… ) spot! 

6. A living room

Your living room’s location can also depend on its purpose: do you want a space dedicated to socializing, or do you seek a more private and quiet sanctuary? 

And of course a second living room is also possible if you already have a first, as you can easily dictate which room now becomes the more formal one (tea time, anyone?) and which one commit to movie nights and lazy lounging. 

7. A home theater

And speaking of movie nights, how would a large TV screen and ultra comfy seating fit into your empty room? Is there space for a row of recliners? Is it possible to add risers to the room and crate several seating levels? Or maybe you’re good to go with a simple projector and screen, sofa, proper sound system, and popcorn machine? 

8. A storage room

Tired of running up and down the basement stairs (or to and from the garage) every time you need cleaning supplies, seasonal clothing, or holiday decorations? You know it’s possible to create the ultimate storage closet with:

• Shelves and cabinets

• A small work table or bench with chair

• Bins or low cabinets for shoes and boots

• Lockers / cubbies / wall hooks for hats, coats and backpacks. 

9. A playroom (for the kids)

It’s so easy – add color and pattern, a soft surface (like a rug or cheap sofa bed), proper lighting, and plenty of toy storage to keep your little ones busy and organized. 

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10. A walk-in closet (for you)

Stop dreaming about your very own walk-in closet and do it! This is an especially useful tip if:

a) your bedroom lacks storage space, and 

b) your empty room is close to (or even right next to) your own bedroom.

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So, how would YOU style and use a spare room in your home?

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