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If the year has taught us anything, it’s the significance of maintaining balance in our lives. With lessons learnt about balancing calmness with vibrancy, fear with hope, work and family, and a whole lot more, it’s no surprise that the Pantone Color 2021 reflected just that. This year the announcement featured a combination of two colors – Ultimate Gray, representing stability and a firm foundation, and Illuminating, a bright yellow reflecting cheerfulness and vivacity. Together the two colors create an ideal pairing that blends thoughtfulness and optimism. 

We at homify have collected 30 looks, designed by professionals, for using this aspirational combination in your homes in 2021.

Warmth in the bedroom

An inexpensive way to keep up with the color trend is with furnishings. In a bedroom, a bed cover in illuminating yellow pairs perfectly with a cozy gray throw.

Kitchen update

The kitchen cabinets are easy to update by changing the laminate on the shutters. Yellow is the perfect ploy for brightening up a kitchen.

A complete make-over

If the new year has a renovation in the works, how about going all out and installing yellow cabinets with a contrasting gray countertop?

A smart extension

Add extra seats in the kitchen with a bright yellow eat-in counter. Paint the background wall in gray to create a striking contrast.

Subtle shades

If you prefer muted tones, then introduce yellow and gray through furnishing or accents – patterns or solids.

Make a line

Sometimes a simple change like painting a shelf in a bright yellow can give a boost to an existing gray wall.

Say it with shades

Shades and blinds are other alternatives for introducing the yellow and gray combination into the décor.

Sunny side table

In a minimalist living room with gray upholstered sofas, introducing a bright contrast through a yellow coffee table or side table makes for a perfect pairing.

Layer it on

Give a neutral bedroom a boost of vibrancy by layering throw cushions in gray and yellow.

Classy combination

The Pantone color 2021 can even work in a classic-style room if used smartly. Wingback chairs in yellow look stunning, especially when complemented with accent cushions on the other sofas to carry through the shade.

A day in the sun

Whether it’s a patio, balcony or terrace, bold yellow is a color that infuses a sunny ambiance. Pair it with gray, and the look is stunning!

A perfect frame

Get innovative and design a striking, bold yellow partition that separates the living area from the kitchen in a minimalist, open-plan apartment.

Alternating shades

The smart combination works perfectly in a kid’s room, more so when the pairing is alternated between layers with one shade dominating in each level.

Fun combination in a kid’s room

While gray might seem too sober for a kid’s room, all it takes is creativity to make it look fun. Pairing it with yellow is an excellent idea.

Perfectly framed

Painting the back wall in the kitchen in a bold yellow makes the view through the pass-through memorable, especially when it is framed by a gray wall in the dining room.

Playing with blocks

Yellow can be overpowering, especially when used without restraint. However, it can bring positive energy to a workspace. A few open shelves are perfect for it.

The focal point

In a room with a view, painting a feature wall in yellow works well with the gray beams that create a border. They help to highlight the gorgeous view outside.

Energy to work

A study desk in yellow with subtle shades of gray introduced through the exposed brick wall and the furnishings help to create the right amount of energy to focus on work.

A statement wall

What better way to highlight the beautiful Pantone 2021 combination than with a yellow wall that creates the perfect backdrop for a grey sofa?

Minimalist beauty

Less is more in this stairwell where the yellow highlights the curved staircase while the gray cabinet provides much-needed relief.

Fun with patterns

3D printed tiles in different patterns, using the gray and yellow combination can add a fun element to the kitchen backsplash.

Splashes of yellow and gray

A minimalist integrated space can get a boost of energy and style with the introduction of bright yellow in small patches – coffee table, lampshade, cushions and more.

Sectional style

How about making a bold statement with a bright yellow L-shaped sectional sofa beautifully contrasted by gray drapes at the side?

Abstract ceiling partition

In an integrated space, gray and yellow can be painted in an abstract arrangement to demarcate the living room and the kitchen.

A signature piece

Give a precious piece of furniture a new look by coating it with bright yellow. It is a guaranteed conversation starter.

Hints of colour

In a room with white and beige, using gray and yellow accents can refresh the look of the area.

Half and half

If you are hesitant to use yellow and gray throughout a room, play it safe by adding it in small sections. Paint only the seat of the chair and add a few yellow shelves against the gray wall.

Bright backsplash

Replace the kitchen backsplash with a bright yellow laminate or lacquered glass sheet. It will give the area a boost of energy and style.

Perfect placement

If you don’t want the hassle of painting or replacing laminates, table linen is an easy option for bringing Ultimate Gray and Illuminating to your home décor.

A bright splash in the bath

What could be more striking than a yellow bathtub in a bathroom? Pair it with matching yellow tiles in the shower, and the effect is fun and whimsical. 

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