10 mood-enhancing colors to paint your bedroom

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If color psychology is anything to go by (and it is), then our surroundings affect us much more than we think. Especially when it comes to color and the fact that different tones have the ability to incite different thoughts and emotions. 

It’s also one of the reasons why professional Interior Designers/Decorators are so great at doing their jobs: they know the “secrets” of all the colors. 

Creepy or cool? You decide while you take this ingenious wisdom and decide what color you’ll be focusing on for your next bedroom makeover. 

1. Choosing the perfect color

Since colors are strongly linked with moods and atmospheres, your preferences and personality traits will help you pick the best (not necessarily your favorite) color. Ask yourself questions like:

• Am I a night owl or morning person?

• Do I wake up immediately or snooze for a while?

• Do I fall asleep easily or with difficulty?

• How long after waking up do I open my blinds and curtains?

• Do white and bright colors make me feel drained?

• Do I prefer clear and uncluttered spaces or eclectic décor?  

2. Simple whites

White and light-to-medium neutrals are great at keeping a space… well, neutral. These hues won’t do much in terms of mood alterations and make great subtle backdrops/canvasses in case you do change up some décor- or furniture colors later on. 

On the other hand, it could also be that you’re just practical and really like that clean, bright, and open vibes your dominantly white/off-white bedroom exudes. 

3. Tranquil blues

Since blues encourage a feeling of ease and can even lower blood pressure, they remain a firm favorite for bedroom- and bathroom walls. Try a pastel blue for extra brightness if your bedroom doesn’t receive lots of natural light, decorate with warmer blues (like cobalt and ultramarine) to create a cozy vibe, and go with deep, dark shades of navy or indigo for a classy/elegant look. 

4. Vivacious reds

Red has been shown to stimulate appetite and increase energy levels, which means careful consideration on your part regarding what type of red you’ll be adding to your bedroom. Either commit to lighter tones like blush and salmon, or use it very sparingly (like on a headboard or a few scatter cushions) if you’re brave enough to play with brighter reds

5. Cheerful yellows

Yellow bedrooms are synonymous with morning persons that wake up quickly and like to open their blinds as soon as possible. But beware, as too much of this joyful color can cause a feeling of uneasiness. 

If you’re a lover of the brighter yellows, like lemon or daffodil, rather stick to an accent wall or use them cautiously in décor. 

6. Restful greens

Like blues, greens can make one feel calm and refreshed. And great news for those struggling to wake up and/or fall asleep: greens have a mind-clearing and restorative effect on the mood!  

7. Elegant purples

Originally exclusive to royalty, purple today presents us with a myriad of different hues. Play with lighter shades like lilac and wisteria for a calm and well-rested vibe. And if you want to up the elegance of your bedroom, cross over to the darker shades like sangria, mauve, or even the broody eggplant (which must be limited to avoid a suffocating feeling, especially in small rooms). 

8. Electrifying oranges

Few other colors pop as perfectly as orange. And since it’s not one of those colors known for their calming qualities, it’s an ideal option for morning persons who don’t have any issues falling asleep. 

homify hint: Pair your orange walls with dark wood floors and-furnishings for an especially complementary design. 

9. Grounding black

Decorating with black is relatively easy as it matches with every other color. And it’s also recommended to have black accents in bedrooms and offices as it can boost focus and make us feel in control. 

For a super chic bedroom design, opt for a black accent wall paired with metal prints/shiny finishes in the accessories. 

10. Graceful pinks

No longer just a “girl’s color”, pink also elevates feelings of calmness, especially lighter hues like ballet slipper and lemonade. And it’s easy to tone the look down with muted accessories, like a gray fleece blanket or some brass/gold finishes. 

11. Serene grays

Light grays have the extraordinary Zen-like ability to make a room feel more spacious, especially when paired with darker tones. And as it represents peace and balance it’s considered a must-try for anyone having trouble drifting off. 

Cross over to the darker grays, like shadow and anchor, to give your bedroom a more masculine vibe and sophisticated polish. 

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What color ended up being the perfect one for your new bedroom?

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