10 ways to organize your garage on a slim budget

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Just like your bedroom, living room and all the other spaces in your home, so too does your garage deserve some proper planning when it comes to style and functionality. And seeing as the garage is one of the most popular spots to get filled up with clutter, we’d like to remind you of the following:

1. Donate all things you haven’t used in over six months (or a year for seasonal items);

2. Look for closer storage spots for elements you use regularly (like your pancake griddle for breakfast); 

3. Organize your existing garage pieces before you move on to newly added storage stuff.

And then try these 10 easy ways to make the most of your garage organization without breaking the bank. 

1. Rethink your bin storage

P-SLOT Shelving Systems create order - Peg Board Regalraum UK Double Garage peg board,peg wall,tool kit
Regalraum UK

P-SLOT Shelving Systems create order—Peg Board

Regalraum UK

Instead of stacking them atop each other, try storing your bins horizontally (no more struggling to get that bottom one out without letting the rest topple over!). Or opt for storage towers for enhanced space-saving storage. 

homify hint: Add hooks to your storage tower’s exterior surfaces to hang additional pieces, like lightweight sports equipment. 

2. Keep everything in its place

Garage Wall Storage Ideas MyGarage Modern Garage and Shed

Garage Wall Storage Ideas


Storing similar pieces together (like your cleaning supplies and other liquids) not only makes your garage look neater, it also saves time when looking for something specific. Consider all your available options such as wall hooks, drawers, toolboxes, color-coded bins and baskets, overhead storage racks, etc. 

3. Try a garage rack

Garage Storage Solutions - South Africa MyGarage Garage/shed

Garage Storage Solutions—South Africa


Free up precious floor space and opt for a practical wall rack for bikes, etc. Add a layer of three-quarter-inch plywood over the bare studs or drywall, allowing you a comfortable fastening surface for mounting your pieces easily and quickly. 

You can also hang your bikes from ceiling joists with scrap wood and bike hooks, or hanging them horizontally/vertically from wall hooks as space allows. 

4. Add storage cabinets

Garage Wall Storage Solutions MyGarage Double Garage

Garage Wall Storage Solutions


With the right storage cabinet, your garage’s clutter issues can be a problem of the past. Remember that wall-mounted models save space!

Check for second-hand designs online, at yard sales or thrift stores, or flex those DIY muscles and build yourself one! 

5. Discover corner shelving

This Kent garage now has the WOW factor Garageflex Double Garage garage

This Kent garage now has the WOW factor


If there’s a corner somewhere that’s not making adequate use of its space, fill it with corner shelving. 

Maybe one of our professional Carpenters can help you with some bespoke shelving? 

6. Use your vertical space

Fitted Garage Storage Solutions MyGarage Double Garage

Fitted Garage Storage Solutions


While you’re putting up corner shelving, fill up some vertical wall space that’s also going to waste. Who knows how many sleek containers and colorful storage bins you can fit onto your new extended garage shelving?

7. Store your ladders right

Garageflex Garage Transformation in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire Garageflex Double Garage garage,garage storage,storage,built-in storage,garageflex,ladder storage,hooks,hanger,bracket,rack

Garageflex Garage Transformation in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire


A storage solution is crucial if you have more than one ladder. But this is easily created by hanging your ladder(s) horizontally on the wall via sturdy wall hooks; and/or saving wall space and hanging your ladders from hooks on your garage door track. 

8. Easy peasy mason jars

Workspace office storage MyGarage Study/office

Workspace office storage


Mason jars can be ideal for keeping your bolts, nails and nuts neatly together instead of scattered all over your workspace. Add these to your new wall/corner shelving, store them in your new cabinet, or glue those jar lids to the bottom of cabinets/shelves for a unique touch. 

9. Use laundry hampers

P-SLOT—Wall Shelving System Regalraum UK Double Garage wall shelving system,basement,garage,storage
Regalraum UK

P-SLOT—Wall Shelving System

Regalraum UK

Got some folding chairs, beach balls, and garden equipment in your garage? Keep them out of sight and neatly together in laundry hampers. Garbage cans work too, but keep in mind that they take up a bit more space due to their rounded nature. 

10. Ditch your shed

Finally, save even more money and exterior space by cancelling your ideas for a dream garden shed. Instead, keep it all in your garage by opting for portable buckets/baskets for your garden utensils, cleaning products, and goodness knows what else. And remember that labeling them correctly scores you bonus points.

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How’s your garage’s storage looking lately?

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