Luxury Bedroom Designs That Will Leave You Awestruck

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SANSKRUTI BUNGALOW, Innerspace Innerspace Modern Bedroom
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Everyone wants their bedroom to reflect their design preferences, but they also want to make sure that it works in creating the cosy nest that they deserve. From a soothing colour palette to high-end bed frames, stylish lighting fixtures and aesthetic window treatments, various elements can be used to transform a basic bedroom into a luxurious retreat. Here, the architects from Innerspace, Mumbai have presented a well-curated list of luxury bedrooms that have been designed to perfection. Whether you want a contemporary creation or a rustic one, these designs can effortlessly match your distinct taste.

Classic French Inspiration

Designed in a classic French theme, using soft pastels, golden hues and floral patterns, this bedroom has an inviting ambience. The centrally positioned bed has a fabricated headboard that acts like its crown and makes its presence even more prominent. The full-length drapes add to the royal feel exuded by the room, whereas the upholstered trunk and seating display optimal utilisation of the whole space.

Classy and chic

From the fabric wallpaper and wood panelling used on the feature wall to the huge peacock feathers on the side wall, everything in this room has been designed with exceptional quality and attention to detail. The Italian marbled floor, plush headboard, and soft bed covers lend a luxurious feel, and the built-in unit around the door acts as a perfect place for displaying beautiful accessories.

Another marvellous creation

The ceiling and side walls have been adorned with leaf shaped mirrors arranged in a floral pattern, whereas the entire wall behind the bed is covered with soft fabric and gold metal lines to create an understated elegance. The upholstered bed design, velvet rug and plush couch give a poised look to the décor.

A touch of royalty

With an appealing architectural detail, colour scheme and subtle textures, this bedroom looks stunning. The wall behind the bed seamlessly blends wood panelling and stone-finish laminates, delivering an unmatched combination for gracing the walls. The arch-like headboard and floor-length curtains lend a royal touch while the glass sliding doors invite light and offer a pleasant view of the outside.

The classic red and white theme

Bedroom Design Ideas Innerspace Modern Bedroom

Bedroom Design Ideas


What amplifies the magnificence of this room is the dramatic combination of red and white. The bed looks stylish with its unique frame design and leather upholstery while the light underneath the frame makes it even more attractive. The long white and red drapes covering the French windows and the red rug are the other smart highlights of this master bedroom.

Charming in ruby red accents

The creamy-white pastels act as a perfect background for the ruby red accents used extensively in the room. From the drapes to the furniture, lighting fixtures and floor lamps, every single décor element has been used to produce a regal and luxurious setting. Besides the large plush bed, the room has additional seating for having heartfelt conversations in private.

Balinese themed bedroom

The earthy colours, four-poster bed and white furnishings are few of the elements that help in implementing a Balinese style theme in this bedroom. Also, the exposed brick wall, chevron floor pattern and the wood beams on the ceiling, lend a rustic charm and make this timeless beauty even more pleasing to the eyes.

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