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Hoi An tour to Ba Na Hills

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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Continue your journey on foot to visit the majestic Shakyamuni Buddha with a height of 27m located at the highest position in Southeast Asia. Coming to Ba Na in the summer, you will admire the unique forest music of summer cicadas, birds singing, and the distant howls of gibbons ... With only a small area (17. Side In addition, the quiet and extreme panoramic flycam angles of the Golden Bridge - a hot new destination on top of Ba Na, the detailed scenes are carefully cared for on the frescoed road, beer square even more. Tourists who have come, and have never been, Ba Na "stand still"

Ba Na's tourist center is located on the top of Chua Mountain at an altitude of 1489 m above sea level. Statistics of France in 1925 said that only about 120 tourists chose Ba Na to rest. The story tells that people in Ba Na area have been protected by Mau Thuong Ngan, when anything happens. They all come here, pray to Her blessings, and believe that she is always there for them, giving them peace, clarity and serenity

Fauna: 256 species of vertebrates ( 61 species of mammals, 178 species of birds and 17 species of reptiles) Typical for the fauna Southern Truong Son with species of yellow deer, crocodile, bat, golden wolf, pheasant, purple pheasant, long tailed monkey, python. In front of the pagoda is a rare three-leaf pine tree listed in the Red Book of Vietnam. According to the representative of the tourist area, this has the meaning of showing pride and love for Da Nang, to the Vietnamese Fatherland after the victories before the Covid-19 pandemic

All three temples This is located in three special positions that create a three-legged posture for Da Nang in terms of feng-shui and spirituality. Linh Ung Ba Na Hills The statue is made of white stone, 27 meters high and in diameter 14 meters lying in a sitting meditation position on a lotus. Next, many new buildings were built, increasing the amusement experience for visitors to Ba Na, featuring an indoor amusement park with 21 width

Taller than trees, At the peaks 1. For the above reasons, the most ideal time to travel to Ba Na Hills is from April to August every year. VND 000/1 person or you can bring food to yourself, choose a bench to rest

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