8 ideas for arranging furniture on small patios

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We’re not proclaiming to be professional designers (that credit goes to our every-increasing list of expert Interior Designers and Decorators here on homify). However, we have picked up some style tips along the way, especially when it comes to making small rooms pretty.

And that just happens to be the topic of today’s piece: how to work with your small patio’s very limited legroom and still ensure a practical space with the right furnishings, stunning accessories, and available space for comfortable movement.  

1. Don’t lose sight of the perimeter

With small patios, decks and balconies, it is important to have your décor and furnishings near the perimeter. This will help to open up the room and create the illusion of a bigger space.

Placing your furnishings right in the centre will just make your small patio feel tighter and more congested. 

2. Small furniture = a cozy ambience

It’s all about the size (and detail) of your small deck’s furnishings to ingest some charm and save space. Think bistro-style tables and chairs that are compact and can easily be moved as needed. And bonus points if you can opt for fold-up furniture! In addition, slim pieces (minimalist style) and transparent materials (glass, plastic) also have their advantages. 

3. Split it into different zones

Resist the urge to overflow your small patio/balcony with furnishings and accessories. Add decorative appeal by breaking the space into small sections like a kitchen area, a bar zone, a seating space, etc. 

Just remember to include enough legroom for comfortable body movement. 

4. Don’t leave your walls bare

Let those vertical surfaces add to your outdoor socializing spot’s appeal by taking everyone’s attention away from the small floor space. Hang some decorations to bring color, texture, and other detail to the design (just be careful not to overdo it). 

5. Have some bright ideas

Don’t overlook how proper illumination can add functionality and style to your outdoor space. Luckily, there are tones of lighting options that take up very little legroom – or none at all. Like hanging string/fairy lights. Or adding wall sconces (that helps take care of idea number 4). Or modern light fixtures integrated into your patio floor.

6. Grow some greenery

Just because you can’t grow a whole garden on your small patio space doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to some fresh color. Like a few potted plants or vases with flowers.

homify hint: A vertical garden. Enough said. 

7. Fancy up your floor

Adding the right rug might not score you more space, but it can definitely make the area seem and feel less constricted. But focus on getting a rug that matches the style of your other outdoor furnishings and décor. 

And don’t be tempted to add a nice patio- or dining table right atop your new rug – avoid that cramped look and rather go with a side table placed near the perimeter.  

8. Consider the colors

Similar to interior spaces, dark colors can quickly (visually) swallow up a small patio/balcony. Instead, for your furnishings and accessories, opt for softer/lighter colors (you can’t go wrong with neutrals), or fresh and natural tones like greens, blues, violets, etc. 

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How else can you add space and style to a small patio?

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