7 ways to arrange your living room sofas

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Your living room layout depends on various factors, including the room’s size and shape, how many pieces you want to add, the number of people in your household, and where architectural features (like doors, windows, and fireplaces) have been placed. Unfortunately, knowing what will impact your layout doesn’t guarantee that said layout will work.

On the other hand, a handy guide such as this one just might give you an idea (or seven) about the ideal locations for your sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and other living room goodies. 

1. The classic layout

This layout (two identical sofas comfortably separated by a coffee table) is the most popular. It takes up relatively little legroom, allows for comfy views of the TV or fireplace, plus has space for extra seating (like a tub chair or two ottomans) which can be added when needed. 

2. An extra two

Adding two extra armchairs to the classic layout is the perfect save for when you want to have enough comfortable seating for everyone, or if your sofas are rather small. 

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3. A sofa with two chairs

Don’t have the space or budget to fit two sofas into one room, especially a small one? Try pairing one sofa with two matching chairs (bonus points if they’re slim-line to better offset with your cushy sofa). 

Complete the look with a coffee table and a large rug big enough to carry your sofa and chairs. 

4. Mix and match

There’s always the option of grouping one sofa with three armchairs. Or adding a hanging chair into the mix for a truly eclectic vibe.

To make it easier on yourself beforehand, use pen and paper, or an online room planner, to draw a floor plan that allows you to edit your furniture layout over and over again. Consider where all the other pieces, like the TV, side tables, and bookcase/storage shelves, will be placed as well. 

5. Lose the sofa altogether

Your home, your rules. Thus, should you be inspired to ditch all your sofas and try something unique (like four armchairs with a footstool), you’ll have the extra space to do so. 

The only downside to this option is that there’ll be no comfy spot for relaxing in front of the TV. 

6. Make expert use of your corner

A corner / L-shaped sofa is great for filling up a corner while adding seating options to a room. And the room doesn’t even have to be that huge. Another advantage here is that, with your corner sofa already placed, a lot of your layout work is already done. 

Just remember that a corner sofa usually becomes the main focus of a living room. So, really consider its color, size, shape, pattern, and everything else (like how it will fit with your existing furniture) before choosing. 

7. A spread-out style

Those fortunate enough to have ample interior legroom know that furniture doesn’t need to be clustered around a single low table. With lots of space, you can scatter multiple seating zones, each with their own ‘island’, around your living room. The trick is to visually tie them all together by color and materials.

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Which layout works best for your living room?

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