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​What To Know Before Building A Swimming Pool

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Having a swimming pool in the back yard is a dream for many of us. Why would that be? Well, just consider its many advantages: it’s there to cool you off if that sun and humidity gets a bit much; you can host one killer of a summer party if there’s a swimming pool in the background; nothing wakes you like a quick dip in the pool (it’s cheaper than showering); it helps you keep in shape; and it can also do wonders for your love life if you treat your loved one to the occasional al fresco dinner and/or moonlight dip. 

Regardless of what images you conjure up when imagining a swimming pool, costs are, unfortunately, a harsh accompanying reality. So, like everything else in life, it’s best not to jump in head over heels when considering a swimming pool—leave that for afterwards! 

But since we’re at the planning stage, let’s see some important considerations worthy of your attention before you start dreaming of lazy summer afternoons by the pool.

1. What kind of pool do you want?

A pool is not just a pool, and one’s options change once personal taste and family life are taken into consideration. 

Will you be using it for exercising? That means you’ll require something with a bit of length to practice those laps. If you have children, you’ll definitely want something with a shallow end. Do you want to use the pool to show off to your friends? Pool accessories and exterior décor then become must-haves. 

If you’re not quite sure what grabs your fancy, take a look at our stunning range of swimming pools here on homify to help you find something you can dive into!

2. Consider size and soil

A level landscape obviously offers the best option to house a swimming pool. With that being said, a sloping yard does not disqualify you in terms of having your own swimming pool – you just have to be clever about it. Constructing an elevation to house an above-ground swimming pool is your best bet in this regard, or you can opt to level your terrain if it goes with what you envision for your yard and pool.

But level ground or not, other factors also come into play: space and budget. And these two typically go hand in hand: a nice, fat budget will obviously be welcome if you have a big back yard, which can mean a stylish swimming pool that’ll put your neighbours’ to shame.

3. Materials are important

Much more goes into building a swimming pool than pouring water into a hole! And this is also where your budget comes into play. 

Concrete generally serves as the base/floor for a pool, and this always works. On the other hand, if you can accord it, why not opt for some stylishly decorated tiles? 

And what about the surrounding surface? You need at least a bit of separation between the pool and the grass to avoid people trampling dirt into your splashing spot. A wooden deck? A granite area? Or some chic tiles? 

Remember that even though your choice of building material is important, what is more crucial is where you decide to put it.

4. What about the view?

Fortunately, nobody expects you to place a giant mountain with accompanying waterfall next to your swimming pool – but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put some effort into the view.

Is the grass of your lawn green and fresh? Will a quaint little water feature boost your pool’s presentation? How about some trees for shade, or a few potted plants for style and colour? A little bridge, perhaps? 

Let your imagination (and budget) guide you! And if you have the resources, by all means opt for a tropical paradise, as expertly achieved by BR Architects above.

5. Additional elements

Very rarely is a swimming pool just a waterhole used for swimming. It is synonymous with friends, outdoors, and socialisation, which is why a lot of people opt to combine their swimming pool areas with other outdoor activities, like dining or relaxation. 

Fortunately these factors can all be added to your swimming pool later on, allowing you to nurse and grow that pool area and watching it blossom into a full-blown outdoor socialisation area as time passes. 

So, what are our options? An exterior dining set, with a table and chairs boosting your pool’s appearance. A few loungers. An outdoor bar or grill area. What else would look positively splendid by your poolside?

6. Future costs

Like everything else in life, a swimming pool is never just a once-off payment. Maintaining that pool will invoke additional costs. Keeping the water hygienic and healthy, ensuring the surrounding area is clean and neat, fixing any possible problems (such as a cracked floor or peeling paint)… these are all factors that can (and most probably will) occur, so keep that in mind before splurging on a swimming pool.

But apart from that, ensure you have fun, and enjoy spending those lazy summer afternoons by your gorgeous new splashing spot. 

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