10 ways to boost your home’s curb appeal

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If thinking about your house exteriors causes you to wince, it might be time to re-evaluate the amount of style and functionality your home exudes from the outside – in other words, curb appeal. But since curb appeal is also what potential buyers look for when scoping out possible property purchases, the exterior appearance of you home becomes that much more crucial, doesn’t it?

Thus, whether you’re ready to sell or you just want your home to stand out in a visually appealing manner, let’s see 10 easy ways to enhance your house’s curb appeal. 

1. Scrutinize your house from outside

You may be used to walking to and from your front door to the street, but homebuyers zoom in on the much smaller areas of exterior spaces that you’re already blind to: the grass, the pathway, the lighting on your front porch, etc. 

So, to really take in your property through new eyes, stand directly across the street from your house and take note of all that needs updating/fixing.

2. Splash some paint

Painting your house remains one of the most affordable DIY projects, as it can cost about $25 per gallon. But instead of just touching up those neutral tones (whites, grays, etc.), how about you go for a bold color to really make your exteriors stand out? 

Consider painting a contrasting color on your exterior trims, doors and shutters for a real ‘wow’ effect. 

3. Plant a tree

Depending on your front yard’s space and layout, a tree or two can help frame your entryway and add detail to your curb appeal. This shouldn’t take more than a few hours and, depending on where you shop and your tree size, can cost you about $50 a tree. 

4. Enhance your garden via flower boxes

While we’re spicing up that front garden, how about we introduce some colors by placing flower boxes in front of your windows, on the front porch, or just scattering some around your yard? 

5. Focus on the hardscape areas

Your softscape areas (like the landscaping) may be getting into great shape, but what about those hardscape areas like the concrete driveway and walkway? Give those exterior surfaces a thorough cleansing via a pressure washer, and boost your yard’s safety levels by checking that paver stones are firmly in place.

6. Ask for advice

There’s no reason why you should start spicing up your home’s cub appeal by your lonesome self. See which of our professionals (including Gardeners, Painters, etc.) can help you choose the correct pieces (plants, paint, etc.), work out a proper timeline for the job, plus introduce you to other experts in the industry (i.e. Floorers, Interior Designers) in case you should ever need one for a future project. 

7. Light up your exteriors

Like your interior lighting, consider function plus style when scoping out fixtures for your porch and garden. Pick lights that will ensure adequate illumination for the appropriate areas (pathway, entryway). And should you buy vintage fixtures to cut some costs, just ensure they are properly painted and are still in good condition – adding old, worn-out lights to your exteriors will detract from your curb appeal instead of adding to it! 

8. Create an inviting front entrance

Turn your attention to the space where visitors will wait for you to greet them. Is that front door still in a good condition or is a new paintjob needed? Is your front porch’s lighting adequate? Could your patio do with a chair or maybe a potted plant? See where you can help create a stylish, welcoming vibe. 

9. Update your house numbers

Don’t let people guess which number your house is. If those numbers are looking a bit dull and faded, update them with aluminum, brass, or steel designs. If required, you could even add some exterior lighting to your house numbers to really make them shine at night (pun intended). 

10. Commit to winter maintenance

With winter fast approaching, commit to keeping your house’s curb appeal as high as possible by keeping your gutters clean, ridding your garden of dead flowers and leaves, sweeping the pathway, shoveling the driveway snow, etc. 

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Are you committed to keeping your home’s curb appeal up – even in winter?

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