14 products that prove how much you need colourblocking in your life

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Global Eclectic Style SB design Studio Living Room
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If you've never heard of or tried colourblocking before then this is the Ideabook for you! A fantastic way to add big chunks of vibrant hues into your home, colourblocking makes for a quick and easy way to update your interior design scheme as frequently as you fancy.

Easy to accomplish with furniture, walls and textiles, this fabulous interior design trick is about to become your new favourite weekend DIY hobby so be prepared to start collecting craft supplies!

1. Will you try a little DIY?

Klash Chairs homify Dining roomChairs & benches Solid Wood Multicolored

Klash Chairs


These chairs from Standrin are everything that is right about colourblocking and we love them so much. The vibrant woodwork injects a punchy zing of colour and none of them have to match either. The really great thing about these chairs is how much DIY inspiration they should be giving you right now as even standard dining chairs can be upgraded.

2. Keep your coffee black but your mugs coloured

You might not geek out every year when the new Pantone colour is announced (though we confess, we do!) but that doesn't mean you won't love adding some pizazz to your mug cupboard. What perfect little swatches of sunshine these are!

3. Park yourself on some perfect patchwork

Colour Block Chair Studio180° Living roomSofas & armchairs Textile Multicolored

Colour Block Chair


Wow! What a splendid little tub chair this is. The ideal way to thrust some extra vibrancy and design daring into your living room, we think the chunky slabs of colour look great here, don't you? 

4. Subtle but still special




If you're super new to the idea of colourblocking perhaps you'd like to slow things down a little and get to grips with it gradually. If that is the case, coloured decals on the side of your light fixtures are a lovely and subtle change that will make a big difference to your home. So stylish!

5. Kick it with colour in the kitchen

Well, as far as worktops go, this has to be one of our all time favourites. Would you just look at that breathtaking shade of fuchsia and the impact it has on the whole room? Sign us up for more pink, please!

6. Give your side tables a good tidy up

Global Eclectic Style SB design Studio Living Room
SB design Studio

Global Eclectic Style

SB design Studio

Coffee tables are so frequently overlooked when it comes to adding a little personality to a room but you can't say that about this banana coloured beauty. Introducing colourblocking through smaller items of furniture really paves the way for bigger, braver choices and we say yes to yellow!

7. Love those luscious lights!

Handmade In Hitchin Planet Furniture KitchenBench tops
Planet Furniture

Handmade In Hitchin

Planet Furniture

Pendulum lights that offer a pop of colour? Why not! Hanging in your direct eye line, pendulums are a great way to introduce a little solid and vibrant colour, especially if you have played it a little safer with the wall or cabinet colours in your kitchen

8. Go half and half on your walls

Jungle Half Wall Wallpaper Funwall

Jungle Half Wall Wallpaper


What do you do when you like the idea of a feature wall colour but wallpaper suits your lifestyle? You mix the two! We love this colourblocking technique as it offers all the potency and impact of a brightly painted wall but still has classic style with the wallpaper. What a perfect combination!

9. Embrace some super brights with added functionality

Colour shelving with white wall fixings homify Living roomTV stands & cabinets Metal Yellow

Colour shelving with white wall fixings


If a random brightly coloured wall isn't for you and you like your design statements to have added purpose, have you thought about colourful wall shelves? The ideal compromise between useful and aesthetic, we really love how they slice through a white wall.

10. Plump up your home's personality with potent pillows

Neutral Velvet Modern Square Armchair Design by Deborah Ltd Living roomSofas & armchairs
Design by Deborah Ltd

Neutral Velvet Modern Square Armchair

Design by Deborah Ltd

In a room full of neutral tones, the daring, luxurious and wildly colourful cushion rules supreme so it will come as no surprise that we find this stunning room irresistible. Turquoise and fuchsia are two of life's perfect accent colours and they work so well together!

11. Get colourful with your candles

Korridor coloured concrete candleholder An Artful Life HouseholdAccessories & decoration
An Artful Life

Korridor coloured concrete candleholder

An Artful Life

It's not just candles themselves that can be pretty as these painted concrete holders show to perfection. Adding these to a neutrally decorated room will inject an easy and non-permanent burst of colour that you'll love.

12. Climb the stairway to colour heaven

It's easy to forget what a large feature a staircase is in a home but it can also be a wonderfully colourful one. Painting the steps in fun shades or decorating them with removable decals is a great way to add some extra wow factor to your home.

13. Don't forget about your kitchen utensils

Colour by Numbers homify Kitchen Wood Multicolored

Colour by Numbers


If you are embracing colourblocking and loving the positivity and fun that it brings to your home, perhaps you can extend it to smaller items, such as kitchen utensils.Wooden items can be upcycled quickly and easily, simply by dipping the handles into paint and leaving to dry.

14. Start as you mean to go on

Outdoor illuminated doorframe Applelec Modern Windows and Doors

Outdoor illuminated doorframe


As you can now see, colourblocking can be used in every part of your home but would you go the extra mile and add a little something extra to your front door? A painted door frame or a custom coloured door would be a great way to give the ultimate first impression to guests!

For more colourful inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 7 Simple Ways To Add Colour To Your Home.

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