10 important characteristics of modern home design

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One doesn’t have to look far to find examples of modern home designs. But with technology developing at the speed of light, modern homes are becoming more and more user-friendly – especially since professional Architects, Interior Designers/Decorators and other experts continue to think outside the design box.

But what, exactly, makes up the modern home design? We’re glad you asked…

1. Modern home designs: Only the essentials

In modern house designs, there’s simply no room for pieces that unnecessarily take up space. In terms of shapes, you want to focus on straight, clean, lean, and simplistic forms. Consider minimum decorations and remember to include ‘breathing room’ in-between your furnishings, décor, etc.  

2. Modern home designs: No clutter

To help you properly de-clutter your interiors, remember that modern houses only include furniture that enhance the residents’ lifestyle – thus, leaving more legroom open and allowing the home to look much more spacious than it actually is. 

3. Modern home designs: Open-floor plans

Speaking of space, modern houses are all about connecting certain rooms, like the living-, dining-, and cooking areas. But the trick is to include subtle transitions to help define each space, such as different colour palettes, raised flooring, etc. 

4. Modern home designs: Simplistic colours

The neutral colours are about to become your new best friends, with whites (and off-whites, and browns, and greys… ) ready to make your modern interiors more elegant and visually spacious. However, feel free to inject a touch of colour here and there via accessories. 

5. Modern home designs: Striking materials

Strong and striking materials like steel, concrete, and glass reign over the more common brick and wood when it comes to modern homes. 

6. Modern home designs: Sustainability

Modern house designs continue to push the boundaries to seek new approaches to style and functionality. This includes eco-friendly features like green roofs, indoor gardens, solar panels, etc. 

7. Modern home designs: An updated kitchen

Kitchens are becoming more and more important, not to mention self-sufficient thanks to smart appliances, updated technology, etc. Thus, see where you can opt for key kitchen updates to make your cooking space that much more appealing and practical.  

8. Modern home designs: Lots of natural light

Modern- and minimalist designs aim to reduce the carbon footprint of their owners, and ushering in plenty of natural light (via generous windows and glass doors) certainly helps to cut on heating- and lighting costs. 

9. Modern home designs: Connected exterior spaces

Another way to welcome in natural light is to blur the lines between your home’s indoor- and outdoor spaces. This also aids in a more spacious vibe while also inviting nature into your home. 

10. Modern home designs: Flat roofs

Super modern house designs opt for a flat or low-pitch roof to ensure a sleek aesthetic. Just make sure you have a professional aboard your team to ensure your flat roof (which is not without its cons) works to benefit both your house and lifestyle.

Since eco-friendly designs are so trendy at the moment, let’s be inspired by Green designs: 13 ways to embrace sustainable architecture

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