7 home bar ideas for New Year ’s Eve 2020

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It’s safe to say that 2020 has not gone according to plan. But, there’s still hope, especially since there are quite a few social soirees to look forward to – and today we wish to focus exclusively on the one social event that allows us to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch: the New Year’s party.  

A New Year’s party is the ideal occasion to relax and let loose, even go a little crazy before midnight strikes. Thus, that puts quite the pressure on you as the host, especially when it comes to keeping your party guests hydrated. 

But not to worry: we know exactly how to help you set up a perfect home bar, leaving you with more time to focus on that playlist, your party décor, etc. 

1. For your home bar: Stock up on the basics

Building or stocking a home bar from scratch? Then you’ll need to include some of the basic spirits like gin, vodka, rum, bourbon, and tequila. Complement your alcohol collection with some add-ons like vermouth, tonic, fresh limes and lemons, and maybe even some martini olives. 

homify hint: If possible, set up your home bar to allows for guests to serve themselves. As the party host, you’ve already got enough on your plate! 

2. For your home bar: Keep it simple

Although stocking up on some essentials is important, you are by no means forced to present a full bar. In fact, too much variety can be daunting.

Keep the vibe cool with one crowd-pleasing cocktail (maybe something you crafted yourself?). Prep the needed garnishes beforehand and mix the same beverage the entire night. Or, if your party guests’ palates are more inclined to wine than hard liquor, stick with one good white (maybe Chardonnay) and one good red (Cabernet is always a safe bet). 

3. For your home bar: Plan and prepare

Can you imagine running out of booze way before midnight? Avoid that embarrassing situation and prep your drink quantities before your new year’s party kicks off. 

As a rule of thumb, one bottle of wine can conveniently be shared between two – three guests, which works out to about two gallons of liquor for every 10 – 12 guests. 

4. For your home bar: Consider teetotalers

Chances are your party will include some people who will abstain from drinking alcohol. Be a courteous host and stock up on non-alcoholic options (fruit juices, ginger beer, coffee and iced teas… ).

homify hint: When sending out your party invites, ask guests who will be attending to reply with their drink preferences. 

5. For your home bar: A bit of bubbly

Not that we’d ever state there’s something as too much champagne/sparkling wine, but we prefer the idea of leaving the bubbly for the special moments – like midnight. 

For proper planning, assume that one 750-ml bottle equals about six champagne flutes. Chill your bottles in ice buckets or the fridge for at least 30 minutes before serving. And ensure to have some sparkling apple/grape juice for the designated drivers, too.  

6. For your home bar: Enough glassware and barware

Once you know what type of drinks you’ll be serving and how many guests to expect, take stock of your barware and glassware. You may need to purchase/hire additional glassware (whiskey tumblers, stemmed cocktail glasses, etc.) or barware (cocktail shakers, jiggers, etc.). 

homify hint: For an outdoor soiree, especially near a swimming pool, it’s wisest to ditch glassware for (beautifully designed) plastic pieces. Also, maybe see how a professional Gardener or Landscape Designer can breathe some extra life (and style) into your outdoor space before your party. 

7. For your home bar: Ice and more ice

It is quite shocking how early so many parties run out of ice. Unless you relish the opportunity to run out for more while leaving your guests unattended, plan to have about one pound of ice per person.

First impressions are everything, which is why these 7 design mistakes to avoid in your hall are so important. 

What other factors are important (to you) when planning a social soiree?

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