Our 7-step guide to achieving eclectic design

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Some love it. Others fear it, yet are strangely drawn to its concept. We are talking about the eclectic design style and how its uniqueness has been styling up interiors for quite a few decades now.

For those not yet in the know, eclecticism derives its style/taste from various sources flaunting different designs. Modern, rustic, Scandinavian, minimalism, etc. Think of it as someone with a wide taste in different music genres – what will that person’s personal playlist look like? 

Whether you choose to incorporate a lavish look or a more pared-down version depends on your preference. Just keep balance in mind. And include some contrasting patterns.

You know what, let’s just do this properly with our 7-step guide to achieving an eclectic interior space. 

1. For eclectic interiors: Choose your colors

Your color palette is what is going to help you create a harmonious space instead of a wild and unplanned one. It’s recommended to start with a neutral palette and an accent color, then add to those as you build on your eclectic space. 

For your walls, keep them simple to showcase a clean, neutral backdrop. And remember that darker colors help create a dramatic look, while lighter tints are better for calmer, cleaner canvasses. 

2. For eclectic interiors: Play with patterns

Where we normally implore all to keep their choice of patterns to a minimum, that rule changes slightly when it comes to the eclectic design style. Here, you can introduce patterned rugs, window treatment, scatter cushions and more pieces flaunting different motifs and shapes (i.e. polka dots, damask, floral, etc). 

This mixing-and-matching of vibrant motifs and themes add to the fun vibe that’s usually associated with eclecticism. 

3. For eclectic interiors: Add a gallery wall

With a gallery wall, your eclectic interiors get a boost in character and personality. And you don’t even need to stick to identical frames (or shapes, or colors, or sizes) if you don’t want to. 

Showcase some beautiful imagery (nature shots, friends and family) along with a few quirky pictures (pets, holiday photos) to add your own special style to the room. 

4. For eclectic interiors: Focus on textures

Contrast is a key feature in eclecticism, and blending various materials and textures nicely takes care of this one. We’re talking marble, wood, steel, and smooth leather offsetting beautifully with exposed brick, fluffy pillows, woven rugs, etc. 

homify hint: Getting assistance from a professional Interior Designer/Decorator can make your design project proceed so much quicker…  

5. For eclectic interiors: Mix and match furnishings

The quickest way to start setting up your eclectic interiors is by showcasing furnishings crafted in various styles. But remember that this will take time (if you want to do it properly). Obtaining pieces that contrast with one another while still complementing your space happens with planning and by chance. Just be patient and enjoy the process. 

homify hint: Of course you can gently hurry this process along by visiting second-hand shops, flea markets, garage sales, etc. 

6. For eclectic interiors: Consider statement pieces

Statement pieces add the ideal finishing touch to a room that already has its furnishings and decorations. Anything from wall art and chandeliers to table lamps and sculptures can become a room’s statement piece – it depends on what you already have and what you want to say/show. 

7. For eclectic interiors: Clear the clutter

Any eclectic space that’s been styled correctly will look as if everything’s just been thrown together, but in fact there’s loads of planning involved. Even in eclecticism, less is more. That’s why it’s important to take your time acquiring the perfect pieces to ensure the end result is never cluttered.

Always aim to keep your interiors neat and clean, and only showcase your most treasured (not all) possessions. 

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