9 cheap renovating tips to up your house’s resale value

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Nothing’s built to last forever, including our houses. Thus, if your residence has been starting to look a little drab lately, perhaps it’s time to consider some fresh (and inexpensive) upgrades? And we have just the list to inspire you…  

1. Consider kerb appeal

Your home’s first impression is majorly influenced by its exterior (and front-side) condition. That means overgrown trees, a shabby lawn, cracked windows and a front door with peeling paint will definitely subtract from your property’s resale value. 

2. Update your kitchen

You can always count on upping your home’s value by (correctly) renovating the kitchen. But instead of ripping out the entire cooking space, how about opting for smaller detail-oriented touches like updating the handles and taps, opting for a new backsplash, upgrading the lighting…  

3. Upgrade your bathroom

An additional bathroom and toilet will definitely ensure more potential for your abode. But if that budget is just way too low, put what you’ve got back into your existing bathroom(s). Minor changes can also make a major difference, like cleaning up the tile grout, buying new door knobs and –handles, replacing the toilet seat, opting for water-saving measures like eco-friendly faucets…  

4. Maximise storage

Shelves, cupboards, storage baskets and more don’t always need to take up floor space. Consider how you can move your new storage areas higher up via wall-mounted designs. 

5. Pick the right flooring

Most real estate agents are quite adept at advising you on which flooring materials best to invest in. But if your floor budget is a little too low, consider re-sanding and sealing your current wood floors and/or getting your carpets professionally cleaned. 

6. Don’t overlook your exteriors

One of the trendiest features these days is a home’s interiors nearly seamlessly blending in with exterior areas, such as a beautiful deck or spacious terrace. But see how you can up your al fresco spaces’ appeal and style. Some of the more popular options include adding an overhead structure for better protection against the elements, built-in seating that help with storage, adequate lighting for after-sunset vibes, proper seating options for guests, etc. 

7. Home maintenance

Before you shell out a single penny on adding new features, better check to see which existing ones could do with some freshening up. This includes leaky windows, rusty gutters, dripping taps, walls with hairline cracks, doors that could do with some oiling…  

8. Craft new space

Maybe you need to lose something instead of gaining something new? Many homeowners, along with their trusty and professional sidekicks in the building industry, opt to tear down interior walls to gain more space. Or take out that large kitchen island. Or make use of a quirky corner somewhere…

9. Experiment with lighting

Daylight is great and all, but how will your gigantic windows offer you illumination after sunset? Switching to LED for your home’s lighting may cost a bit now, but is certainly the more cost-effective option in the long run. 

homify hint: Adding dimmers to your artificial light switches instantly enhances your home’s mood and functionality, and gives it a more modern, contemporary look. 

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Which of these cheap home-improvement tips will you be tackling first?

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