10 home-renovation ideas to save money and up your style

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Now that we’ve spent more than enough time at home, we are so ready to give our interiors a fresh new update or two. But obviously we want to cut corners when it comes to price (not quality), which is why we’ve collected these 10 cheap-but-effective home renovation ideas.

1. Repaint your door(s)

As first impressions are everything, we can’t think of anything more important than giving that old front door with the peeling paint a fresh (and perhaps more colorful) new outlook on life. 

2. Update the lighting

Don’t spend thousands of dollars changing your whole house’s lighting. Rather tackle one room at a time as your time and budget allow. Remember that switching to LED might be costly now, but will definitely save you some pretty pennies in the long run. 

3. Style up some curtains

Sometimes it’s the little things that count, like the window dressing in your living room. So how about switching up those curtains and opting for a lighter/darker tint than what they currently are? Or maybe even lose the curtains and bring in stunning Venetian blinds (at a discount, of course). 

4. Experiment with new bedding

Revamping your bedroom doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Simply opt to update your bedding (and perhaps a new scatter cushion or rug) and see what a difference that makes to the entire room. 

homify hint: The smaller the room, the less you can mix and match various colors and patterns, as you don’t want your style to visually swallow the whole space, right? 

5. Add storage

You can never have too much storage opportunities, especially for the busier areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Thus, we propose adding some floating shelving, some storage baskets, or perhaps even one or two furniture pieces that can pull double duty (like an ottoman with built-in storage compartments). 

6. Plant some plants

There’s really no limit to what you can achieve when you start playing with plants, flowers, different kinds of potters, herbs, etc. But for an effective wow look, how about adding a vertical garden to your home (for which you may need to call in some professional assistance)? 

7. Refresh your cabinets

No budget to revamp your entire kitchen? Start small – as in very small – and update your cabinet hardware. New knobs and pullers, and perhaps even updated taps, can really put the shine back into the heart of your home. 

8. Swap out furniture

Ready for a fresh change that won’t cost a single cent? Start utilizing the power of arrangement and switch out some existing furnishings in your home (like switching out the bedside tables between your main- and guest bedrooms, for example). 

You may just find that you really don’t need to spend all that much for new furnishings/décor. 

9. Style a gallery wall

Beat that blank-wall look by investing in some frames for your DIY painting/photography project. But take into account the look of the room and its existing furnishings/décor before choosing those frames.

10. Use DIY where possible

Where you can really save is by flexing those DIY muscles for simpler tasks like painting, gardening, etc. Even more so when inviting over friends and family for company while also assisting you. 

Just remember to ALWAYS contact the relevant professionals when working with anything involving electrical, plumbing, and structural. 

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Which home-renovation idea will you be trying out first?

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