Don’t start indoor gardening without these 10 tips

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While most of us love the idea of indoor plants, not all of us have the resources (or skills, or time) to kick-start our own indoor gardens. Indoor gardens definitely present numerous benefits to homeowners, especially ones not privy to great, big yards where they can relish in their own private gardens. 

But don’t think that the simple rules of gardening (i.e. watering) just magically fall away once you move your potted pretties indoors…  

1. For your indoor garden: Pick a spot

Select a spot where you can conveniently reach your plants, but also where they can enjoy proper light (at least six hours daily of strong sunlight) and ventilation. 

If adequate lighting is not an option for your indoor garden, fortunately there are many grow-light systems worthy of investigation. 

2. For your indoor garden: Have a view

Most indoor plants are from tropical/subtropical regions, especially equatorial forests, where they are quite happy living in dimly lit environments. The perfect spot for your indoor garden would be in front of a spacious window (facing east or west). For a really creative and practical touch, hang up a net scrim curtain to filter that incoming light. 

3. For your indoor garden: Seek the sun

Yes, plants that thrive on sunlight are perfect for windowsill placements (facing north or north-east). But remember to also regularly check soil moisture levels and those leaves to ensure the incoming sun is not doing any damage. 

If your plants seem to wither slightly, consider moving them further away from the window.

4. For your indoor garden: Plants for the bathroom

For moisture-loving plants (like ferns), there’s no better space than your bathroom. That occasional mist and humidity is just what those plants are craving for a full-bloom status. 

5. For your indoor garden: Watering appropriately

Not sure if you’re slowly drowning your house plants? If you don’t want to hire a professional Gardener to enhance your gardening skills/inspiration, then just gently push your index finger into the soil – it you can retract it without leaving any soil on your finger, start watering. But don’t add water if your potting mix doesn’t feel dry to the touch. 

6. For your indoor garden: Containers

Is your plan to simply add style and color (and fresher indoor air) to your home, or is that indoor garden your way of ensuring you never run out of lettuce (or tomatoes, or basil… ) ever again? Put some thought into your containers (size, quality… ), as how much you will grow (and for how long) will definitely determine what kind of containers you should be picking out. 

7. For your indoor garden: Summer plants

Although you don’t need to concern yourself with the weather too much when it comes to indoor gardening, you should still consider the various seasons and the roles they plan in all plants’ growth.

For summer, place your indoor plants near windows for adequate sun and heat, but also move them outdoors occasionally for some warmer and brighter light, fresher air, etc. 

8. For your indoor garden: Fall plants

Wouldn’t a color palette of warm oranges, reds and browns be just perfect for fall? And remember that your most visually stunning fall plants can also become centerpieces for that Halloween / Thanksgiving party spread…  

9. For your indoor garden: Winter plants

If really necessary, you can opt for grow lights to help aid your indoor plants’ growth during the chilly season. These can compensate for the cold weather and little sun, ensuring indoor conditions are adjusted so your plants and flowers can keep on blooming through winter. 

10. For your indoor garden: Spring plants

As outdoor conditions become more appropriate, see how you can add some bright colors to your indoor gardening to mimic spring and summer. Or switch up their containers (such as replanting something in an oversized teacup, or shoe, or turning a tabletop plant into a wall-mounted / ceiling-hung piece… ) for a more exceptional look.

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Where in your home would an indoor garden add some fresh style and splendor?

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