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Small floor space should not be a constraint for decoration of a dream kitchen. I

f you want a good kitchen then just think what you would like in the room and then can make the desired details with the help of a good kitchen planner. As one of the busiest area of every home kitchen should be both functional and well organized.

To avoid problem of congestion in small kitchens our kitchen planners have designed many interesting layouts that are ideal for small spaces. These kitchens are designed with a wide variety of materials such as wood, acrylic, marble, granite, ceramic and laminate to make the area attractive and easy to operate. Here are 10 small kitchen designs for your small home that will inspire you to make your dream kitchen.

1. Kitchen with a portable breakfast bar

The breakfast bar here acts as a link between the kitchen and other parts of the house with a folding table which creates dynamism in the space. The open design gives a feeling of spaciousness in this small kitchen.

2. Well designed storage

When planning the layout and structure of the kitchen think carefully whether it fits into overall layout of the house. In this country style kitchen wooden cabinets both below and above the counter are aesthetically designed to match design of the kitchen.

3. Combination of multiple workstations

The small kitchen is more economical to decorate than a large one as by effective utilization of space all essential details like appliances, cooking area, storage and sink can be easily accommodated. This kitchen is beautifully designed and has all the essentials include a tiny refrigerator creating a cozy work space.

4. Harmonious flow of color and light

The right mix of colors is very important to give the kitchen a simple and stylish look. If you can't afford a very expensive decor then plan kitchen decor properly. The background here is white but the touch of brown on the below counter shelves and textured back-splash make this modern kitchen a cheerful place to work in.

5. A tiny kitchen

From the chimney to the stove and storage the entire kitchen has been designed fit into this small niche of just a few meters. Lack of space has not blunted interior designer El Precio's desire to create a true masterpiece that is not limited in style and class.

6. Built in kitchen

These design options are becoming very popular in locations where there is limited vertical or horizontal space so storage area is created from floor to ceiling literally! Everything inside the built-in kitchen has its designated place leaving the counter free from clutter.

7. Cozy and warm

Using good materials not only makes the kitchen elegant, but it also remains attractive for a long time. By combining different types of materials, this small kitchen has created a large storage area in which a latest method has been adopted to decorate spoons and small containers. Do not use a lot of different things in a small space because it will probably make that space look cluttered.

8. Designed in open style

When you are planning a small kitchen, try to make room for each appliance so that the counter is free of clutter and easy to work. This extension of the kitchen into breakfast counter makes it easy to cook and serve while saving on space.

9. Colorful work area

Such layout options for optimum use of vertical in less extensive space kitchens are becoming very popular nowadays. An island-like counter with a cooking stove on one side and a large storage cabinet on the other side complement it. Everything inside and the kitchen is free from clutter because the sink located at the far corner requires limited time to clean and organize the utensils.

10. Space saving U shaped kitchen

We love the way this kitchen has been created in subtle colors and maintains its exclusivity with glass doors abutting the entrance without blocking movement. Dressed in elegantly designed storage cabinets that effectively utilize every inch of space and sparkling black counter this kitchen both entices and invites culinary specialists to try out its appliances and explore the interiors.

Need to view some more kitchen designs to make up your mind? Here are small kitchen designs for tiny homes to whet your appetite.

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