10 small houses – and 10 reasons for loving them

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Some people are just naturally attracted to smaller structures and spaces. This can be due to a variety of reasons (like budget and lifestyle choices), but for the most part a lot of these homeowners and renters just happen to know about the many advantages that come with “living small”.

Vice versa, some people purchase bigger properties due to various reasons like:

• Outgrowing their smaller homes

• A financial windfall that allows them to spend more

• They have been convinced by a real estate agent that they can afford it (or worse: that it's a better investment, or that everybody's doing it… ) 

• They want to impress others

• They believe bigger is better

• Because nobody told them not to.

But is there any value in downsizing a home? It would appear so…

1. Small house living: Easier maintenance

Less legroom obviously means less time, energy, and effort to maintain your smaller home. 

2. Small house living: Less time decluttering

Those who are used to regular decluttering rituals ought to be elated for the opportunity to spend less time picking up toys and freeing up storage spaces. 

3. Small house living: Less costly

Not only is a smaller house (usually) less expensive, but the bigger counterparts will also require more costs after purchasing (for insurance, taxes, heating and cooling… ).

4. Small house living: Mentally freeing

The more stuff we own (and keep in our homes), the more mental energy is held hostage by those possessions. The same can also be said for houses, which turn out to be our biggest, most valuable assets most of the time. 

The solution? Buy smaller for easier peace of mind. 

5. Small house living: More eco-friendly

It should come as no surprise that smaller houses have less of an impact on our environment, seeing as they require fewer resources for construction and maintenance. 

6. Small house living: More free time

With less cleaning and maintenance on your plate, you effectively have more time for… well, anything else. 

7. Small house living: Great for family bonding

The saying “the more, the merrier” might be true, and it is certainly an excuse most of us use when inviting heaps of guests to social events. But maybe one of the biggest covert reasons for small-home living is the fact that it encourages family bonding and social interaction. 

8. Small house living: Fewer chances of hoarding

With less space, you have less of an opportunity (and temptation) to accumulate stuff you don’t really need. 

9. Small house living: Less need to decorate

Of course we are always in for some decent decorating, but not everybody relishes the opportunity to scope through paint colors, wallpapers, sofas, and side tables for their dream homes. 

In the end, less space means less time dedicated to buying furniture, adding (and re-adding) accessories, experimenting with different layouts, etc. 

10. Small house living: More availability

It is a fact that smaller homes are in a wider market to sell, meaning they present more options for those looking to buy (or just rent). 

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Are you onboard for “living small” or not?

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