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Prabhadevi , Elevate Lifestyles Elevate Lifestyles Minimalist house
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Prabhadevi is a visually delightful, warm and inviting home in Mumbai, designed brilliantly by Elevate Lifestyles, interior designers and decorators. Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra is a city which is home to Bollywood stars and people who dream of making it big. It’s famous as an important financial, cultural, educational and technological hub in India, and is dotted with varied kinds of architecture styles which blend traditional and modern aesthetics effectively.

True to the spirit of Mumbai, Prabhadevi too, brings together different textures, designs and decorative accents which make it a comfy and tasteful abode for a progressive family. Lavish touches exist side by side with comfortable furnishing and contemporary renderings which are smart and utilitarian. So get ready to be impressed by this elegant residence.

Opulent living has no match

The spacious living room is a breathtaking concoction of shades of beige and dark red hues. A plush couch and armchair in beige offer snug seating, besides the gorgeous red lounger or recliner in the corner. The latter comes with an extremely stylish high backrest for a unique appeal. Cushions in vibrant floral prints and bold stripes, add dashes of fun. The wall above the recliner also sports a group of four artworks again in beige and bright red to complement the overall appearance of this area. Dark glossy curtains keep the sun at bay during hot summers, while recessed lighting takes care of artificial illumination. The wall housing the television features a decorative wall panel in cream, which has also been quirkily lit from below. The long and storage conscious wall-mounted console is a wooden affair and displays an eye-catching vase, a candle stand, and a pair of stunning metal swans. All in all, a perfect spot to chat idly, relax with a movie or entertain guests.

Wooden entrance

A solid wooden door inlaid with intricate filigree in wrought iron, greets us as we enter the home. The lattice-like design can enthral any guest who turns up at Prabhadevi. The entryway is smartly fitted with sleek cabinets and vertically positioned shelves, which can be used for storing shoes and displaying knickknacks respectively. A long narrow glass window lets in diffused natural light to liven up the space. And a few beautiful figurines of Hindu deities add an auspicious and visually appealing touch to the entrance too.

Hallway glamour

The moment you step onto the hallway after entering the residence, you will be enticed by the stunning floral display lining a massive glass door. This door leads to the dining space of the home, and acts as a wonderful canvas for the vibrant array of artificial flowers edging it. This decor accent also lends life to the otherwise sober tones of the interiors.

Dazzling luxury

Before you enter the living room, you will come across a gloriously ornate mirror accompanied by a lavishly carved sideboard. The gold tone of both these pieces sends the style quotient of this house, skyrocketing. A pair of amber-toned candleholders and a bronze candle stand adorns the white top of the sideboard, and enhances the rich appearance of this space.

Dine simply but comfortably

The brightly-lit dining space shows a predominance of white and cream tones. The dark wooden furniture is the only things breaking the monotony of pale hues here. A square dining table in wood and glass stands in the middle, with elegantly carved wooden chairs surrounding it. A sleek television adorns one of the walls to provide entertainment during meals. The modem rests on a minimalistic wall-mounted glass shelf above the TV. The solid but chic sideboard can store a lot of stuff and its top can be used for arranging dishes or displaying showpieces.

A warm and earthy kitchen

This modular kitchen in this residence epitomises earthiness, cordiality and a homely vibe. Rich dark wooden hues have been aptly balanced by glossy white and red, for a modern appeal. The black shiny countertop is quite spacious and holds the sleek oven, besides leaving room for chopping or washing vegetables and such. There are tons of drawers and cabinets for organising pots, pans, ladles, non-perishable ingredients and a lot more.

Blown away by the suave stylishness and aristocracy of this Mumbai home? Feel free to imbibe ideas from this perfect home for your own project too. Check out another home tour if you want more ideas - A family home filled with warmth and richness.

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