10 Storage solutions for small Indian apartments

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Small apartments is a reality for a majority of city dwellers. Look at any of the metros or tier 1 cities, and you can see how quickly the urban landscape is changing due to rising real estate prices. With every inch precious and every nook and corner to be utilized, storage solutions for small apartments is the need of the hour. We can no longer dump our stuff to storage rooms that were meant to accommodate everything that was not needed or didn't have any place to go in the house. Use smart storage ideas in your home to fit in everything that you want, without compromising on the look and decor of your apartment. Here are 9 storage solutions for small aprtments.

1. Hidden Storage in small apartments

Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase built-in storage,space saving furniture

Innovative storage solutions.


Lets start this list with the most brilliant idea . When space in the home is limited, like in many small Indian homes, why not take advantage of that wasted space beneath the stairs and turn it into a highly-functional storage space? This staircase wardrobe has room for everything—clothes, toys, shoes and accessories all have a designated space in these sliding racks.

2. Kids Room

Children love to climb and when you have a spirited child at home, give her an interesting room that plays with different heights. Look how cleverly the bed, wardrobe and storage racks are all accommodated in a compact space. Lot more space and a whole lot of fun!

3. Hidden Study/ Hobby Corner

Study desks can be really unsightly and when it comes to smaller apartments, make sure you keep it neat and tidy. Else opt for a hidden study that won't interfere with the rest of the room's decor and neatly closes itself as a cupboard. Add to it all the storage that you get and you have the perfect solution for your tiny apartment.

4. Floor to Ceiling Racks

Storage homify Modern Living Room



Cover an entire wall with a bookshelf or display cabinets to take care of your collectibles. Open racks take lesser space than covered ones but need tidying up more often.

5. Kitchen Rack

Stainless steel plate racks, The Plate Rack The Plate Rack Industrial style kitchen Cabinets & shelves
The Plate Rack

Stainless steel plate racks

The Plate Rack

Why go through the trouble of draining the water from washed dishes, wiping them clean and then storing them neatly into the kitchen cabinets? We love this exposed steel rack that stores up all utensils direct from the sink post wash, neatly segregates them, allows easy access and most importantly saves space in your kitchen.

6. Hooks for the bathroom

Looking for quirky bathroom storage ideas? Hang in few colorful cables/ ropes from the ceiling, add a few hooks and plant your towel, hair dryer, clips etc instead of having to install a bathroom cabinet and racks to store them. 

7. Living cube

Now this is taking compact to a different level. Bed, wardrobe, TV unit, shoe rack and additional storage inside this cube make it an excellent space saver! Know more about these fantastic living cubes here.

8. Living Wall

The living wall, Till Könneker Till Könneker Living room Black Storage
Till Könneker

The living wall

Till Könneker

Living cube too drastic for you? Try the living wall that makes up for a TV unit, display shelf, study and shoe rack; all in one. Clean lines, minimalistic and high on function and style; this can be a brilliant addition to your studio apartment.

9. Cozy bedroom corner

Go vertical when space crunch is the norm. Do away with the traditional bed and take inspiration from this one that takes uses so much less space, allowing storage beneath, wardrobes on the side and bookshelf on the other end.

10. Don't forget the corners

Tiny flip down storage options The Upcyclist Eclectic style bedroom
The Upcyclist

Tiny flip down storage options

The Upcyclist

Always..always utilize the corners. Whether it's the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, install shelves that make good use of the nooks and corners. 

Managing ’stuff' situation in your home is important, more so when you have compact area. Disorganisation and clutter could soon take over your home if not addressed on time and could turn a cosy place to a claustrophobic and ugly one. Be smart and adopt innovative storage solutions that not only help you save space, but also make your home look pretty and inviting.

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