Innovative Parquet Solutions for Bathrooms and Kids' Rooms

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The possibility of high quality wood flooring is no longer limited to the traditional rooms, such as the living room and the kitchen. The development of advanced techniques and new special finishings was able to spread the use of parquet flooring even in spaces that were considered a taboo until recently.

This was the case of the bathroom: wood wasn't considered among the best options for bathroom's wood flooring, but new techniques and special finishings allowed to create high-end wood flooring for this space as well. Innovative solutions such as Cadorin's parquet with two or three-layered structures, finished with varnish or natural oil capable of assuring the best protection to the wooden surfaces.

A different set of issues, but with the same results involved the kids' room: the worries for scratches which could permanently damage the wooden surfaces was one of the main reasons preventing interior designers from utilising parquets flooring on the children's rooms.

A new approach has changed the game: Cadorin is no longer offering only super smooth parquet flooring solutions, but a variety of surface finishings, some of them even in relief, that made the parquets for kid's rooms more resistant and easier to maintain even in settings allowing for the children to play freely. Cadorin offers almost 30 different types of wood choices and infinite finishings, all safe and certified, to create the most welcoming, warm and cuddly kid's room.

1. Wood flooring for the bathroom

The joints of Cadorin's planks for bathrooms flooring are created to bring about excellent hermetic sealing performances, enhanced by the use of natural oil-based sealers during the installation, in particular when sealing the perimeter's joints and cracks close to bathtubs and showers.

1.1 Wood flooring for the bathroom

Wood brings into the bathroom a stylish and elegant touch, as we can appreciate in this image. The dark tones of this wood floor add warmth in contrast to the lighter nuances of the white sink and the wood shelfs.

1.2 Wood flooring for the bathroom

Cadorin offers a vast array of wood choices and an even larger number of finishings to create the most balanced combinations between design and performances.

1.3 Wood flooring for the bathroom

Perfectly sealed planks combine for wood flooring solutions highly resistant to water and humidity. The only recommendation is to keep the space well ventilated to prevent excessive humidity.

2.1 Wood flooring for the kids' room

For the kids' room Cadorin offers new finishings and treatments to create more resistant and easier to maintain parquet flooring solutions: durability and cleanability are important factors, as scratches and dents are the routine for kids' room flooring.

2.1 Wood flooring for the kids' room

Safe and healthy products are of the utmost importance especially in a space where the children are going to spend a good chunk of their time: the whole Cadorin's production cycle is certified and its wood is sustainable and formaldeide free.

2.2 Wood flooring for the kids' room

Solid, durable and stylish: Cadorin's wood flooring for the kids' room represents an ideal choice to create a cozy, comfortable and welcoming space for the children to rest and have fun in a safe environment.

2.3 Wood flooring for the kids' room

There are infinite choices for girls and boys also to personalise the parquet flooring both in terms of wood and tones and in terms of decorations.

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