How does the optimal kitchen table look like?

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Choosing the optimal kitchen table can be mind-boggling, especially if you don't know exactly what you’re looking for. There are a myriad of options available, and going into a store unprepared and uninformed means you will probably come home with a misfit in most situations. So how does the optimal kitchen table look like? Well, it depends a lot on your kitchen, your needs, and your style. However, there are a few simple guidelines you can follow that will make choosing the optimal kitchen table for you much easier. 

This idea guide features 8 tips on how to choose the right kitchen table. Some things you will need to consider when buying a kitchen table is its size, shape, height, and material. Other factors such as the size and design of your kitchen will also play an important role. We hope you will be able to find the perfect kitchen table for your home after reading this idea guide. Let's browse through these tips shall we? 


There are two main points to consider when choosing the size of a kitchen table - the size of your kitchen and the number of diners you'd like to accommodate. It's best to first look at the size of your room to determine the largest table you can fit. Then, you can always downsize.


As a general rule of thumb, it's best to choose a kitchen table that is the same shape as your kitchen. For example, a rectangular table works well in a long, narrow room as it leaves more room for traffic flow. 


The typical height for a kitchen table is usually about 30 inches high. Chair height is generally 18 inches (from the floor to the seat). This allows for a comfortable lap and leg room. A general rule of thumb is to allow 12 inches between the seat of your chair and your tabletop.


Cobber kitchen table homify Dining roomTables Wood Wood effect

Cobber kitchen table


Choose your kitchen table based on your needs. Think about what you will you use it for. Is it the main dining table or is it just for hanging out in the kitchen? 

The casual looking kitchen table pictured here is designed by Loaf


A kitchen table can be a part of the decoration too so choose a table that coordinates with the decor in your kitchen. For example, the beautiful mosaic kitchen table pictured here is not only functional, but serves as an aesthetic piece in the kitchen as well. 


High Kitchen Table V I Metal Ltd KitchenTables & chairs
V I Metal Ltd

High Kitchen Table

V I Metal Ltd

The best material for your kitchen table depends on the current style of your kitchen. If you have an industrial style kitchen, a rustic wooden kitchen table might look quite out of place. 

Kitchen island tables

bulthaup b3 kitchen and C3 table & bench hobsons choice
hobsons choice

bulthaup b3 kitchen and C3 table & bench

hobsons choice

The latest trend seems to be turning kitchen islands into kitchen tables. Sometimes these kitchen island tables have storage too, and they are usually counter-height (rather high), and have stools to accompany them instead of chairs. 

Small room

Humdinger kitchen table homify Dining roomTables Wood Wood effect

Humdinger kitchen table


For small rooms, go small on the seating so you can fit in a bigger table. Consider using benches or stools instead of chairs. It also helps if you can push the seating under the table so it doesn't take up extra space when not in use.

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