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Carta da parati retrò, Carta da parati degli anni 70 Carta da parati degli anni 70 Walls
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The retro style definition is used to artifacts and products that consciously recall motifs, materials, attitudes and techniques of the past, in particular of a recent past that is no longer perceived as modern, with a sense of longing that never becomes nostalgia: it's more of a desire for things of a recent past that have a special stylish aura.

The retro wallpaper collection created by Wallpaper from the 70s represents a signature for the brand: designs and materials are inspired by the 1970s imagery: shapes and colours, textures and patterns are influenced by the mood of the decade, a decade of transformation in several aspects of Western culture, from arts to music, from fashion to design.

Wall décor is a distinctive trait of interior design, capable of defining the personality of a home: the choice of a retro wallpaper solution reflects a positive attitude, a willingness to enjoy each space to the fullest, in total comfort and with style.

Let's explore Wallpaper from the 70s' retro collection to better understand why the fascination with vintage designs, colours and patterns never ceases to amaze.

1. Almeda

The orange, turquoise, yellow and grey dots of the Almeda retro wallpaper seem to form a sequence of necklaces hanging from the ceiling.

2. Apollo

The patterns of Apollo represent an icon of the 1970s' imagery: sequences of large circles in psychedelic colours remind the atmospheres of clubs and music playing loud, with exuberance and joy.

3. Davila

Threes become stylised shapes, almost a pure form made out of colour hues recalling the patterns of fallen leaves in autumn.

4. Hirolanit

A sort of honeycomb is formed by the hexagons arrangement, with the nuances of grey and turquoise seemingly opening the wall to unexpected depths. An elegant pattern that makes this wallpaper a very sophisticated choice.

5. Janus

Giant white flowers are organised into a very meticulous pattern, with the red dots bringing a note of colour into this wallpaper, created by the designer Orla Kiely.

6. Loki

The world-renowned designer Orla Kiely's signature leaf motifs animate the incredible patterns of this retro wallpaper, with a striking visual outcome, an instant eye-catcher defining the interior design of the whole house.

7. Morena

A vinylic finishing defines the tactile texture of this wallpaper, conjuring up memories of elegant atmospheres of the past.

8. Priska

Another classic 1970s pattern characterises the wallpaper Priska, with large drops of bright colours bringing fun and joy to the domestic interiors.

9. Sinon

An iconic vintage pattern, formed by sequences of geometric shapes repeating hypnotically all over this wallpaper brings us back directly to the 1970s.

10. Talita

Vibrant colours and hypnotic geometrical patterns that look like sets of eyes looking at each other, create a perfect combination to bring style and glam into a very entertaining living room or kitchen.

11. Tobbe

The Scandinavian inspiration of the geometric shapes defining this wallpaper is merged with bright colours, ironically expressing a retro reinterpretation of classic nordic patterns.

12. Triton

This non-woven retro wallpaper is strongly characterised by the intense colour palette and the repetition of curved shapes, a combination that generates a dreamy and intimate mood.

13. Waris

The piling up of colour blocks of different sizes seems to need a lot of space: but it actually creates a sort of expansion of the space, making this retro wallpaper ideal for both large and tiny rooms.

14. What does the Fox say

Both ironic and iconic, this wallpaper plays with the idea of cunningness exuding from the foxes. This clever creatures become the main element of a pattern that is both amusing and elegant, ideal for home-owners that have both style and a sense of humor.

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