13 kitchen trends of 2016 you need to know about

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2016 is the year of integrated solutions and what better room to put them into practice than your kitchen? The one space in your home where functionality rules supreme, aesthetics have always been an added bonus in your food prep area, but now is the time to start combining the two seamlessly.

From space-saving solutions through to must have appliances, sit back and relax while we tell you about all the biggest trends for kitchens this year. You never know, you might already be at the cutting edge of fashion!

1. Integral grills for chargrilled deliciousness

Flush-fitting countertop hobs are one thing but to really align with kitchen trends, you need to also have a built-in grill. The perfect way to enjoy a little barbecue all year round and whatever the weather, integral grills will give you all the flavour of a skillet but without any of the washing up! This one from Küchen Quelle is gorgeous!

2. Ceramic hobs

If you've decided to take the plunge with an integral cooker top grill, why not upgrade your hob at the same time? A ceramic hob might not be a new item in kitchen trends but it is one that seems to be standing the test of time. So, if you've been resisting perhaps now is the time to make a change. They are also wonderfully easy to clean!

3. Small appliances

While fancy large appliances are all very well and good, 2016 is the year of the small kitchen aids. Bijou microwaves and small blenders that keep all the nutrients in your food are the really coveted kitchen items right now but we'd need to set our alarm clocks a little earlier to have the time to make smoothies!

4. Cutting edge sinks

Sinks are no longer just another must have inclusion in a kitchen that can't also be stylish. In fact, designer sinks and taps are a fantastic way to inject a little extra flair and wow factor into even a purely functional room. We always love double sinks that have a positionable tap, which is ideal for rinsing food prior to cooking and makes everything quick and easy.

5. Built-in appliances

Built-in appliances have been dipping in and out of popularity for years now but the key to making them a timeless kitchen trend is to house them properly and in line with the aesthetics of the rest of the space. Dishwashers will never be massively beautiful so it makes sense to hide them away but we have to admit we like the trend being extended to larger items, such as fridges.

6. Functionality

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, there is one trend that 2016 is making compulsory for everyone; functionality. Even the smallest of spaces can be more than simply an area for cooking food if you have a little imagination and enjoy integrated design. We think small breakfast bars are one of the best additions to any kitchen and make light work of transforming a space into a dining zone as well as cooking spot.

7. Retractable cooker hoods

Even with the best will in the world and the most talented designers, cooker hoods are never going to be the prettiest of additions to your kitchen but there is a way to make them part of a trend for 2016. As we've already said, integrated and clever design is the name of the game so retractable hoods are the latest in practical applications when you need them and stealthy secrets when you don't.

8. Islands

A longstanding coveted kitchen trend, we are delighted to say that islands are still in the top 10 most sought after items for food prep areas and we love how many shapes, sizes and styles are readily available. A great way to add extra functionality, storage and luxury, a kitchen island will always be on our wish list!

9. Extending worktops

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS Schmidt Palmers Green Kitchen
Schmidt Palmers Green

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS

Schmidt Palmers Green

If you have a small kitchen and don't have the ability to have a huge worktop, extending counters could be the perfect way for you to get on board with a 2016 kitchen trend. Essentially they offer you a little extra space when you need it but without the inconvenience of a cumbersome work surface that takes up precious square meterage. This is such a great idea for busy family homes where more than one person cooks!

10. Storage

Storage is great but what's even better is storage within your storage! That's really integrated design and a fantastic use of available space, not to mention a super way to align with a 2016 kitchen trend. We think drawer dividers are a great way to get started and will help to free up valuable countertop and cupboard space where you need it most. 

11. Funky splashbacks

Think splashbacks have to be boring? Think again! Kitchen trends are now dictating that even wall coverings need to be vibrant, fun and eclectic. From frosted glass to stainless steel and heavily patterned tiles, anything and everything can be put to use as an effective and stunning splashback and our personal favourite thing is to add in an accent colour through the installation of one.

12. Narrow worktops

In kitchens that have a small amount of usable space it really comes at a premium, meaning that narrow worktops have fast become a popular addition to food preparation areas. You can see why really, as you don't essentially need too much depth as long as you have a decent width of counter. We really like it when narrow worktops are also slim in profile, as this keeps everything proportional and pretty. 

13. Fashionable extra touches

We've listed a lot of kitchen trends but perhaps our favourite of them all is including surprising extra design touches that elevate your space to higher echelons of interior styling. In particular, we always find ourselves captivated by stellar lighting solutions and marvel when people take the time to embrace something a little different.

For more kitchen inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Treasure Islands For Your Kitchen.

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