10 American dream houses to inspire you

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Thanks to the wonder of technology, we’ve all seen representations of a classical American neighborhood. Think about those white picket fences, freshly cut lawns, and shiny new cars boasting in those driveways. Of course, time and trend are both fleeting, which means what is considered “hot” today might be “not” come tomorrow. And that’s true for a myriad of industries, not only the architectural one. 

Fortunately, there exists a rich collection of American dream houses (in various styles, designs and colors) that can still be appreciated today – and we happen to have 10 of them right here…

1. A wonder in white

Our first example actually comes all the way from Germany where architectural experts conjured up this colonial classic. It even has a covered porch with a swing to make full use of those al fresco moments while watching the sunset, chatting with a friend, or simply getting lost in a good book. 

2. A perfect location

Flaunting its modern design with pride (look at those perfect lines and subtle colors), this dream home also scores major points in terms of location. Who wouldn’t want that look at that view every day? 

3. A charming vibe

It is like we can hear the sounds of dogs barking and children playing. But what really gives this home its charm is the exterior finishes, especially those dormer windows, the wooden paneling, and that emerald-green door enjoying the attention from passersby.

4. A setting in paradise

A private villa might not be reality for everyone, but if you've got it, then enjoy it! Especially if yours is privy to such an immaculate backyard design which beautifully flows out of the spacious interiors into a bright-blue swimming pool (with expert landscape touches included, of course).

5. A fresh, open ambience

Also taking full advantage of its setting is this modern stunner in Silicon Valley. Major points to the architects for including this generous amount of glazing, ensuring the rich-green exteriors and neutral-colored interiors blend brilliantly together.

6. The New York townhouse

Our list surely wouldn't be complete without a townhouse from The Big Apple. This brick beauty plays its façade cards right with those golden hues (complementing the red-brick neighbor quite well) and intricate features.

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7. Such space!

Set on an 18-acre property, this modern American beauty is right to boast with its spacious interiors, too. But we just had to cast a glance on this immaculate backyard photo where the lush garden and straight-lined pool co-exist in stylish peace.

8. A royal design

Calling this French Eclectic castle in Connecticut home? Don't mind if we do! Constructed from local granite and buff-hued Holland bricks, there's a distinct Gothic/Tudor influence here that we seldom see on homify, yet absolutely love.

9. A clean and calm color palette

Expert landscaping also helps to make this one such a picture-perfect stunner. And notice how those fresh greens complement the creamy hues cladding up the facade. The perfect look if you're after that summer-home vibe. 

10. A brilliant beach-home vibe

It's the colonial style in all its glorious wonder in this North-Shore design. And it manages to beautifully combine various details like that milk-white exterior, sided paneling, and multitude of windows and glass doors.

All that’s missing is the sound of seagulls and crashing ocean waves. 

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Which of these would you happily call “home”?

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