The homify guide to creating your kids’ ideal homework space

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If your little one is unmotivated when it comes to homework, it could be time for you to craft a place dedicated exclusively to them and study time. Just think about what you deem as essential when working at the office or in your study – no distractions, adequate legroom, proper lighting, etc. Well, the same rules apply to kids’ homework stations, albeit on a more fun (and perhaps colorful) level.

Let’s get started with these tips and tricks gathered from our collection of professional Interior Designers and Decorators!

1. Locate a dedicated spot

It’s not uncommon for kids to flock around a kitchen island or the dining-room table for homework time, but they really will feel more relaxed and focused in a space that’s just for them. Locate an area far from the noise and distractions of your home’s livelier areas (like the dining room and kitchen). 

homify hint: No need to set aside an entire room for doing homework. Even a quiet little nook or corner could do the trick if it offers all the essentials. 

2. Remember the importance of comfort

A sturdy-yet-soft chair (that’s adjustable) and decent desk can ensure your child remains comfortable and productive while working. Ensure that your child’s knees are bent at 90° to test the height of that chair. If it’s too high, maybe slide a footstool or stack of books under their feet – they’ll eventually grow into it. 

And, in most cases, their desk surface should be about 8” above their seat level (yet this can be adjusted for comfort). 

3. Keep your kids in the loop

Since this space is intended for your kids, it just makes sense including them in the planning. Besides, like their bedrooms, helping to create the space ensures a sense of pride and the want to keep it clean and organized (hopefully). Allow them to pick their favorite colors and patterns, and perhaps a handful of accessories (which won’t distract them from their homework) if you have the room. 

4. Sort their supplies

Short on space? Mounting a wall hook can give your child a place to hang their backpack (or coat). Furthermore, shelving, decorative boxes, and colorful jars can all be relied on to store school supplies and keep the entire workstation organized. 

homify hint: Hang a calendar above their desk and help them jot down important dates (i.e. school tests, sporting events, sleepovers… ).  This will help your child take ownership of their work and activities while saving desk space. 

5. Do away with distractions

Of course your child can use their workspace for drawing or other creative endeavors, but you need to cut down on distractions like video games and electronic devices. Schedule those kinds of fun for later.

On the other hand, this new homework space can also be the ideal place for your kids to busy themselves with educational games and activities. They are only young once, after all. 

6. Make it a shared space?

Got more than one offspring? Consider making it a shared homework space for the siblings. As long as everyone is respectful of each other’s space and work, there shouldn’t be any problem.

However, you could also set up a schedule so only one child accesses the study station at a time. Your house, your kids, your rules!

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Where in your home is there room to craft a little homework zone?

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