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Shun the sun: 7 ways to add more shade to your garden

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Whether you use your outdoor socializing space for catching up with friends or getting lost in a good book (or some daydreaming), its exterior location doesn’t mean that you necessarily want to soak up some sun. Relaxing in a shaded spot can be equally calming, not to mention that it spares you from the sun’s unkind rays. And fortunately there exists various creative ways of adding some extra shade to your garden / lawn / patio / porch without having to plant a tree and waiting for it to grow!

1. Set up some sail

Even if you’re on the ‘beginner’ level of DIY tasks, this one shouldn’t wear you out at all. All you’ll need is a giant piece of fabric cut into a triangle (measured beforehand in order to provide proper shade for your relevant space), its corners punched with eyelets. Simply add strong twine or rope and attach your new shade sail to poles, trees, the fence, etc. and enjoy! 

And if you have the capacity (and fabric and rope) for two sails, how about doing a double for an even more visually striking look (and extra shade)? 

2. Boast with a holiday vibe

A little island flair missing from your backyard socializing space? Since it’s summer and all, we were thinking a tiki thatched roof could add the perfect tropical vibe to your property. 

However, we can’t promise that this will be an easy DIY project for all, which is why we’ll just leave our extensive list of construction- and design professionals here.

3. Screen the sun

Twigs and climbers screen Grecor Modern Garage and Shed

Twigs and climbers screen


Motorized retractable awnings might be super modern / contemporary (and perhaps just a tad lavish), yet they don’t come cheap. What does, however, is a fabric screen such as this which you can easily adjust yourself. 

4. Your perfect pergola

Empire State Loft, Koko Architecture + Design Koko Architecture + Design Modern Terrace
Koko Architecture + Design

Empire State Loft, Koko Architecture + Design

Koko Architecture + Design

There is something undeniably charming and alluring about a perfectly constructed pergola just beckoning you for a shaded sit down. Even more so if it flaunts cozy seating and practical lighting (in case that sit down becomes a whole socializing thing lasting past sunset). 

homify hint: Add some wisteria to your pergola. This fast-growing option won’t take its sweet time to make your urban back yard feel like a piece of shaded paradise.  

5. A lovely lattice

Since we’re talking about more heavy construction options, how about we toss a lattice canopy with verdant vines into the mix? It provides you with all the shade you want, plus there’s some extra lushness and greenery (which, we don’t need to remind you, help to cleanse our air). 

6. Get creative with curtains

Small modern garden design Earth Designs Modern Garden Blue
Earth Designs

Small modern garden design

Earth Designs

Just like your interior spaces, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get decent curtains for your outdoor areas. If all you require from your pergola / porch is a little shade (and you don’t feel like adding any plants), how about adding some beautifully styled curtains to perfectly complement other outdoor accessories like scatter cushions, garden sculptures, etc.  

And the best fabric for outdoor curtains? Olefin fabric, also known as polypropylene. This solution or pigment-dyed fiber is very easy to clean, resistant against UV rays, and certainly not one of the pricier options in the fabric department.

7. A patio umbrella

We get it: handing out different-colored umbrellas to your guests will ensure a vibrant pop for your outdoors, but is it practical? Not very, which is why we’d rather recommend you seek out an oversize patio umbrella! That’ll shade you and your guests regardless of the sun’s position, plus they’ll have their hands free for your various outdoor party snacks and drinks.

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Which option sounds more appealing for your outdoor socializing space?

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