10 things your home office needs to get you through the day

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Even if you work from home, for yourself, every day is still a work day and with that comes the same stresses and pressures as a more conventional job. With that in mind, you can seek out fun ways to make your home office a little more appealing.

Home office items can be fun, functional and fashionable so you never feel as though you are compromising your own style ethos in order to create a work space in your house. Take a look at some of our favourite additions and see if they could brighten up even the dullest Monday and help you get through to fabulous Friday!

1. Alternative seating

Nobody ever said you have to have a rigid, boring desk chair. In fact, there are no rules at all when you work from home so why not try a beanbag? 

2. Handy storage

Identify what you need to hand and from there you can choose some funky storage that will work best for you and keep everything you have a tendency to lose close by.

3. Hide the computer

Everyone needs to take screen breaks but it can be difficult when you have a deadline looming and you can see your computer. Try an easy solution and shut it away in a cupboard for a few minutes!

4. Stay small

If your home office is small, try to think about furniture that can be folded or packed away. This wall mounted desk from Studio Michael Hilgers is not only practical, it's gorgeous too!

5. Get away from it all

This is an extravagant suggestion but if you need inspiration and prefer to be away from the main house, why not consider building an office annexe in your garden? Don't forget to take a coffee machine in there though!

6. Go retro

If you want a relatively normal desk with plenty of work space but you don't want to sacrifice your style to do it, think about looking for a retro or true vintage piece. Scandinavian style is still one of our favourites!

7. Sleep it off

We all get tired during a long and arduous work day so why not bag yourself a cute little office sofa to let you have a midday nap? You'll wake up refreshed and ready to carry on!

8. Take a note

Urgh… how many times have Post-It notes lost their stickiness, dropped down behind your desk and made you forget something important? Never have that again by adding a blackboard to your wall and making notes the old school way!

9. You got this

Everybody loves a little motivational mantra, so whether you buy a print, fix a neon sign or opt for some custom wall decals, get something up on the wall to always remind you that even when something feels hopeless that you've got this!

10. Keep it tidy

Oak Desk Tidy Utology Study/officeStorage

Oak Desk Tidy


You don't want all your pens rolling off your desk when you're in the middle of a Skype conference so grab yourself a beautiful desk tidy. Just try not to fill it with things that shouldn't be in there, like keys and gum!

For more home office inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Designing The Perfect Home Office.

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