Which kitchen layout is best for you (and your home)?

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Enticing scents and socializing aside, any kitchen is, first and foremost, a working zone. That means that the heart of every home, regardless of its chosen design style, needs to present a space ideal for moving about, getting busy with a range of culinary-related activities, decent storage, adequate lighting… and the ideal layout. 

But what kitchen layout would work best for you and your lifestyle? And your home’s available space? Are you even aware that there exists more than one kitchen layout?

This is why homify is here…   

1. The Galley Kitchen

Also known as the ‘parallel kitchen’, this is one of the most competent layout ideas for any cooking zone, particularly small ones. 

The galley kitchen is made up of two parallel walls opposite each other, featuring a walkway in between. Cabinets and counters can be designed on either side, or both, and you can even feature an island on the one side if you have the available legroom. 

2. The One-Wall Kitchen

As it utilities minimum space, the one-wall kitchen is one of the trendiest choices for studio flats, loft apartments, and basically any abode with very little legroom. With the one-wall kitchen, your work triangle (sink, oven, fridge) are rearranged in a straight line, with cabinets and appliances mounted on a single wall.

The other wall? Well, there is none, as that is for the adjoining room (like a dining zone or living area) to help size up your one-wall kitchen in an open-plan layout.  

3. The U-Shaped Kitchen

This layout idea is perfect for homeowners who have a bit more space to play with (as well as those who love spending time in their kitchens). Known as the ‘horseshoe kitchen layout’, this option has three walls of cabinets and appliances closing in a U-shape layout. 

With this layout, you have additional floor space, extra counters and cabinets, plus an efficient work triangle that can help cut down on time and energy when it comes to preparing fabulous meals for your household and guests.

4. The L-Shaped Kitchen

Made up of two walls in an L-shape for cabinets, countertops and appliances, this layout design is ideal for small family homes. It’s quite efficient for your work triangle (meaning they’re not situated too far from one another), plus there’s always the option of adding a small dining table / island as your space (and household needs) increase.

Or you can just swing open some generous doors and allow your little patio / garden to become part and parcel of your kitchen layout. 

5. The Island Kitchen

With an island kitchen, you have more legroom for working and storing. But you also need to have appropriate space beforehand to fit in a practical island! 

Think about how you can utilize that spectacular island design for additional storage space, to help display an appliance or two, add an extra sink to your cooking zone, or even just treat your home to an informal dining / working area. 

Keep in mind that, with an island, you have the power to alter an L-shaped layout into a U-shaped one, and a one-walled kitchen into galley styled ones.

6. The Peninsula or G-Shaped Kitchen

Unlike an island, a peninsula is accessible from three sides only. But apart from that, it can offer just as much potential as a regular kitchen island (while still utilizing less floor space). 

With your connected island in your kitchen, you have the opportunity to use that free-standing workspace as a countertop, a storage spot, or even an eating / working zone. 

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