11 eye-opening ways to make your bedroom super cosy

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“Night, night; sleep tight”. Fat chance of that happening if your dozing hours are taking place in a cluttered and untidy space. But “untidy” can involve much more than dirt and grime.

Mismatched furniture, bed linen past their golden years, paint peeling from the walls… all of these, and more, are more likely to produce nightmares instead of sweet dreams! Throw in some less-than-decent lighting and ugly floors, and you have a sleeping space that is closer to a torture chamber than a slumber zone. 

How do you make a bedroom (whether for yourself or your guest) seem cosy? What elements (whether furniture or décor) do you add to make it inviting and charming?

We’re so glad you asked, as we have a list of items you can consider to turn that ordinary bedroom into a stunning oasis of relaxation.

1. Keep it quiet

Colour talks, and when you’re tired and need some shut-eye, you don’t want to hear loud jabbering. Instead, opt for a bedroom colour palette that is soft and neutral, like whites, greys, and beige. 

A monochrome colour scheme can also work, resulting in a clean-looking environment and upping the tranquillity level of that bedroom most fabulously.

2. True blue

Sometimes one does want a hint of colour, doesn't one? Then a soft whisper of blue might be the perfect answer. Colour psychology teaches us that blue conveys tranquillity, freshness and serenity, and can create a cheerful and refreshing mood. This is why a lot of bedrooms opt for soft shades of blue, either on the walls or in the linen/décor.

3. Creative cluttering

Life has enough challenges without us having to fight our way to our bed and back. And you can only have so many cupboards in a bedroom.

Cut the clutter by opting for a bed-and-storage-unit in one. It presents a unique spot to store seasonal clothing, suitcases, shoes, and lots more. Plus, it won’t interfere with your dozing hours.

4. Word up

We’re in the age where almost everybody makes use of wall decal words. And who knows, 20 years from now we might look back and cringe at all those positive sayings, beautiful quotations, and unique fonts that adorned our walls, most notably bedrooms and kitchens.

But until then, have fun letting your favourite words/sayings add a little style to your sleeping space.

5. Bringing nature in

Oakland Bedroom Collection The Cotswold Company Country style bedroom Wood
The Cotswold Company

Oakland Bedroom Collection

The Cotswold Company

There is something decidedly beautiful about wooden surfaces. So, how about considering some raw and rustic-style timber for that bedroom? And while you’re at it, bring in some fresh, lush potted plants, as those greens are bound to look striking when compared with the timber’s sandy, caramel tones. 

Don’t dare skip past our: Stylish Garden Pots.

6. Get shabby chic

Wood is just one element that looks fantastic in its raw state. Exposed brick always make a striking statement, and is welcome in any style.

Here, we have a whisper of a brick wall becoming a very fantastic focal point in a bedroom, resulting in a look that’s stunningly shabby chic, especially when paired with that charming table.

7. Mixing textures

Wool and satin. Lace and cotton. Whatever pairing floats your boat, your bedroom can be the ultimate zone where you live out your dream combinations between different fabrics. 

Whether you opt for woven or knit (or a combination), trust your mixing to bring forth a striking touch to make that bedroom seem even more soft and inviting. Just ensure your chosen fabrics make for a comfortable and relaxing environment.

8. The bed fort

Remember when you used to construct forts out of furniture and blankets? Relive those happy times, albeit in a more grown-up and stylish manner. 

But no need to buy a four-poster bed; some creative rope and fabulous fabric can result in a fort-like bed that allows you to get closed off and comfy while napping. 

Plus, adding this curtain-like effect to the bed can be quite romantic…

9. Don’t be board

Your headboard can make or break your bedroom. So, if classic is more your style, a Victorian headboard can make for one striking bed space. 

homify hint: Adorn the wall space behind your headboard with a distinguished wallpaper / paint colour to immediately draw the eye to your bed.

10. Pretty with pattern

You don’t need loads of wall art to enjoy a beautiful wall space. A few select patterns painted / stencilled onto your wall can make a stylish statement, especially if balancing with the colours used in your bedroom’s linen / décor. 

Notice our example by Sunilchitara above: the golden hue visible in the flowery wall pattern is complemented by the tones in the headboard, bed base, and side tables.

11. Add personal touches

Since it’s your bedroom / home, show off your style! For example, let your love of travel be visible in the bohemian-patterned linen. Or show off your love for cinema in the classic black-and-white portraits of movie stars that adorn the walls.  

With endless topics (from rock n' roll to romance) and numerous furniture and decorative items (wingback chair, floating shelves), you can transform that bedroom into any style or theme you can dream of.

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