This is how you get away with decorating a super small space

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When it comes to eye-catching designs that are practical and stylish, Hong Kong-based interior design firm S.LO Studio prides itself on effectively combining its holistic, creative services with strong business, operational, and client management. No wonder, then, that S.LO Studio has been at the forefront of exceptional designs and welcoming spaces – and one look at its growing portfolio can confirm it! 

But even professionals like S.LO Studio also stumble onto some challenges now and again, especially when it comes to having to make magic in a very small space. We understand that, when it comes to tiny homes with limited legroom, the desire to fit in as much as possible is still there, yet the odds of those spaces ending up looking chaotic and cluttered are quite promising.

Fortunately, there exists various ways in which you can still introduce tonnes of style into small spaces – and today we happen to share 6 of them while being inspired by some of S.LO Studio’s past designs…

1. Keep your colour scheme cohesive

You can only look at some many things in a small space. Thus, in addition to making sure they all fit, stick to a limited colour palette. That way, every piece in your room (whether it’s a coffee table or a painting) will subtly blend into the background, making the available space seem larger and more expansive. 

2. Keep your floor clear

Even the most sublimely decorated room won’t work if there’s no adequate space for walking. So see how you can keep your tiny floor as clear as possible via floating pieces (shelving and nightstands), wall sconces and pendants instead of floor lamps, etc. 

3. Stick with folding pieces

While it’s true that you may require a desk and dining table in your house, you won’t make use of them 24/7, will you? A great way to save on legroom is by installing furnishings that can be folded up and stored out of sight when not in use. 

And yes, other prime pieces that fall into this out-of-the-box-thinking category include those amazing beds that can be pulled down or stacked away! 

4. Focus on your lighting

It’s true that small spaces are more prone at feeling gloomy due to limited legroom and small / non-existent windows. Luckily you can make up for this by adding plenty of light sources in every room, from your living room straight to your bedroom. 

We love the idea of blending eye-catching fixtures (either a stylish pendant or elegant flush-mount, depending on the height of your ceiling) with wall sconces or table lamps (remember the importance of layered lighting) for a charming and properly illuminated atmosphere.

5. Strengthen your bond with mirrors

A mirror is another fantastic add-on to help fight that gloomy ambience of your small spaces, as it can help to reflect light around the entire room to make it seem more open and welcoming. 

We recommend lining a wall with a large, oversized mirror or creating a gallery wall of different sizes and shapes to:a) double up on your room’s visual spaciousness, and b) craft some detail and interest for your interiors.

6. Pick the correct rug

Trust us when we say that you don’t want to skimp on a rug in terms of size. Adding a tiny rug to a tiny room will not do much for your small-space problem, but opting for a floor covering that’s large enough to accommodate most of your furnishings (and doesn’t dominate the room in terms of colour or pattern) just might! 

Let’s see what else these experts can accomplish with The brilliant Banyan Workspace by S.LO Studio

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