5 stylish ways to decorate corners in your home

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Most of us have stared at those bare corners in our homes and apartments with the notion that something is amiss. Whether it’s the one in your living room, bedroom, or completely different space altogether, corners are one of the most ignored spots in any structure.

Fortunately, it only takes a dash of creativity (inspired by homify, of course) and a few simple steps to turn that dull corner into something more dashing and delightful. And yes, you do have the option of contacting a professional Interior Designer / Decorator to help you out of this tight spot (pun fully intended), but you also don’t really need to with these easy DIY options.

Let’s see what they are: 

1. L-shaped features

There are some who believe that L-shaped sofas and other furnishings were invented while keeping in mind the need to enhance a home’s quirky corners and spaces. Those who follow the “less is more” motto seem to agree. And as it turns out, the right L-shaped piece can definitely organize seating while also dialing down on a space’s clutter. 

2. Something green

Think of that corner as a blank canvas just waiting for you to give it some personality. Now think about all the wonderful elements Mother Nature has gifted to us right outside our doorsteps. Can you make a connection? Can you, for instance, place some lush plants in a stylish potter in that corner? Or dash it up with a chic vase and fresh flowers atop a little side table? 

3. Light it up

A perfect way of treating an underloved corner is to let it dazzle – as in literally. Hanging / fairy lights, modern floor lamps, contemporary pendants, a stylish table lamp on top of a floating shelf… there are so many options in terms of lighting fixtures that can be ideal for an overlooked corner. 

Just be sure to keep size and space in mind. Adding an elegant-yet-oversized chandelier to a tight corner will do more bad than good, trust us! 

4. A bookworm’s dream

Not blessed with your very own library at home? Maybe a petite little corner can be made up for a not-too-shabby second prize? 

All that’s needed is a comfy seating spot (leave it up to your budget and available legroom to decide whether you’re going to for a little tub chair, or a plush floor pillow, or a neat ottoman… ), decent lighting, and of course a bookcase / floating shelf with some of your favorite reading materials. 

5. Leave it open

We said ‘open’, not ‘untouched’. Thus, after giving that corner a decent cleaning, add a few open shelves to that spot and place some small trinkets on them. Or a bookcase. Maybe you could even go one stylish step further and showcase your knick-knacks in the light of a single overhead spotlight?

6. What to avoid

Although there are various ways in which you can add style and detail to the corners of your home, you should hit the brakes before you reach Clutterville. Keep in mind that although certain practices, like Feng Shui, really do have some great suggestions for corners (like a water fountain), you should always avoid adding décor or furniture that you do not feel positive about.

In addition, ensure that your newly styled corner is always neat and clean and shows no signs of decay (like peeling paint). 

Speaking of inspiring you, we have The delightful Sandton kitchen to copy.

Any other ideas for your home’s corner spaces?

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