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This state-of-the-art and luxurious tropical vacation home located in Mandaluyong City has been designed by the talented experts of Structura Architects. This elegant 300-sqm vacation home sits in the middle of a large piece of land and is decorated in exquisite style with luxurious elements. Keeping in mind the fierce summers in this region the designers have chosen a monochrome color palette that displays a beautiful blend of modern and contemporary elements while creating a cool haven to escape the tropical heat.

Surrounded by a large lawn and greenery on all sides, the lush backyard has a large swimming pool that is visible from all major areas of the house as it is framed by full-length windows placed generously around the structure. The interior of the house is contemporary and attractive with enough sunlight through the glass doors, windows and roof. Wood and stone elements add a soothing vibe to the interior and exterior of the house, while the night light creates a cozy atmosphere. Take a tour of the exteriors of this huge house with us and collect ideas for renovating or designing exteriors of your new home.

1. Front facade and main door

In recent years architects tend to use a lot of innovative design and structural depth in the exterior and interior layouts of stand alone houses that goes far beyond using regular details like stone, glass, wood and decorative paint. In this house, wood and glass have been used to make this fusion style house cool and inviting, which is especially visible in the light natural colors and other elements that are an integral part of the construction.

2. Open backyard with pool

The rear side of this house opens towards the back courtyard which has a large swimming pool, deck with poolside furniture and garden, a treat to behold. The large garden, lawn and wide covered veranda, enhances the outside atmosphere of the house making it an ideal place for poolside parties and hosting gatherings for family and friends.

3. Sun-room overlooking the lawn

The well kept lawn before the sun room with glass frontage has a peaceful and serene feel to it. The small barricade before the veranda is in line with the architectural layout of the house and brings floods of light into the sunroom, creating a perfect balance between artificial and natural elements.

4. Side view

This side profile of this magnificent home showcases its modern architecture and brings to light the little subtle touches the designer has incorporated making this a truly extraordinary structure. While the modern and monochrome exteriors combined with glass make it almost look impersonal from a distance, the warmth of brown tones and stone around the edges give it a homely vibe.

5. Garden side view of the rear

The side of house close to the deck and garden opens to a pleasant area surrounded by colorful flower plants and neatly arranged bushes. This small garden keeps the surrounding atmosphere fresh and pure so that sweet smelling air can enter the house soon as the windows and doors are opened.

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