Let’s reorganize your bedroom closet!

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No time like the present to indulge in a little cleaning and organizing around the home, seeing as most of us aren’t allowed to step out. But like always, we aim to turn the not-so-good into the great, and that includes your bedroom closet which (if you’re like most of us) is currently in quite a state.

How you choose to organize it will depend on your available space, its size, plus your lifestyle. Let’s get started…

1. What you will need

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Metro Wardrobes London

• Shopping bags / boxes / bins to move those clothes from your closet to the dry cleaner / donation centre / another closet in your home (perhaps in the guest bedroom?)

• Tape measure, notebook and pen to jot down your closet’s measurements

• Full-length mirror to help you decide between “toss” and “keep”

• A catch-all bin for loose change, rubber bands, lost receipts, and other goodies you are bound to find on your reorganizing quest. 

homify hint: You have four options: keep, donate, consign, and trash. Try and donate as much as possible, as the ‘trash’ pile is only for items beyond repair/use. 

2. Empty and clean your closet

As you need a clean and clear space to visualize your closet’s new look, you’re going to have to remove everything in it – from the very first hanger to the very last bin. Afterwards, proceed to dust all the shelves and hanging rods, vacuum or sweep the floor, then give everything (including your walls) a good wipe-down. 

3. Separate your stuff into piles

Keep: Everything you still love and are planning on wearing again. 

Consign: Make sure these are still in good shape. 

Donate: Make sure these are still in good shape. 

Trash: This is for all pieces that are beyond repair. Don’t worry if something is outdated – someone else less fortunate will definitely appreciate it regardless. 

4. Get some closet organizers

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McClean Design


McClean Design

While closet storage solutions aren’t going to create more space in your closet, closet organizers, storage solutions, and closet systems can help you to make the best of your available space. 

Think about tried-and-tested elements like a step stool that helps you reach high-placed items, a double hang that makes much better use of horizontal storage space, and an over-the-door shoe rack for a variety of fashion accessories. 

5. Organize your accessories, clothes, and shoes

Gwel an Treth Perfect Stays Modern Dressing Room
Perfect Stays

Gwel an Treth

Perfect Stays

Pack whatever you’re keeping back into your closet, but in such a way that it utilizes all of your available space. Some options for you to consider include:

• Grouping like with like: Pick the best place to store each item (i.e. belts, work pants, dresses… ) as a group. This will help you determine how much space you truly need, as well as the best way to store each type of item. For example, will you be hanging your belts together on a rod / hanger, or neatly rolling them up before placing them on a shelf? 

• Packing for planning ahead: Need to get up early for work / exercise? Make sure that outfit is at the very front of your closet (the previous night already) to help save time. Lesser-worn items (like formalwear and out-of-season clothing) can be stored at your closet’s the back and on the upper shelves.

• Tucking away least-used pieces: These items (usually worn at a certain time of the year, like winter coats and Halloween costumes) can go at the very top of your closet. 

6. How to maintain your newly organized closet

The good news is that you don’t need to do this reorganizing ritual that often. Every second or third month is adequate for a quick makeover, especially during the changing of the seasons, while a full reorganizing process can be done twice a year. 

And you know what can really make this easy on yourself? A cleaning schedule, either by season, date (like birthdays or year-end holidays), or event. 

Good luck and good (re)organizing!

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We’re curious: which of your 4 piles (keep, donate, consign, and trash) was the biggest?

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