6 design ideas for quirky corners and tight spaces

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Broad Walk: Winchmore Hill Roselind Wilson Design Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
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Tight corners and cluttered spaces are nothing new. In fact, these challenges can actually help us come up with unique ideas to be more creative with our homes’ interior features, taking a once unused corner and transforming it into something practical and stylish. 

But how will you use your home’s corners and tight spaces to make a difference? Will your add-ons benefit only you (and your live-in family members / roommates) or everyone who drops by for a visit? And will you be needing a professional by your side during this project? 

To help you decide, we’ve collected these 6 design tips to make the most of your home’s awkward angles and tight corners, whether those are right underneath your staircase, in that narrow hallway connecting one room with the next, or another space altogether. Which one(s) will work best for your home?  

1. Place a statement plant

There’s always an excuse to bring in a dash of Mother Nature, even more so when you’re not really sure what to do with that awkward corner / space in your home. The reason? Potted plants not only add colour to a room, but also texture, pattern, and enticing scent (depending on what plants you opt for, obviously). 

How would a perfectly pruned plant in a stylish potter look in one of your home’s empty corners? 

2. Style up some statement seating

Project Asgard @ Pasir Ris ab1 Abode Pte Ltd Scandinavian style corridor, hallway& stairs
ab1 Abode Pte Ltd

Project Asgard @ Pasir Ris

ab1 Abode Pte Ltd

Match one weird angle with another via a sectional sofa! The wonderful thing about a sectional sofa is that it can be altered to match even the strangest spot, allowing you to wonderfully dress up any odd corner while also upping your interiors’ commitment to proper seating. 

Should a sectional sofa not be viable, consider something less “official”, like a teeny tiny table with matching chairs to add some personality and flavour to an awkward corner. 

3. A round table

Broad Walk Entrance Hall Roselind Wilson Design Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase
Roselind Wilson Design

Broad Walk Entrance Hall

Roselind Wilson Design

A round table is a great alternative to a rectangular one, seeing as it takes up less space, plus ensures a softer look (fewer hard edges or sharp corners) than your more conventional square one. This table could display a travel keepsake or two, or just simply help out with some light storage (if it has drawers and doors) while filling up an awkward corner. 

If you have the legroom, consider one or two complementary chairs and voila: an instant informal dining spot! 

4. Bring in a functional cabinet

Speaking of storage, we are well aware that available space should be included on the endangered species lists these days. Thus, if you’re fortunate enough to stumble onto a stylish cabinet (with built-in storage compartments for those books and anything else that contributes to clutter in your house) that can perfectly fit into one of your home’s unique corners, go for it! 

5. Corner shelving / bookcase

For a lighter look, we recommend relying on simple floating shelves or an open bookcase to make that unused corner go from “what” to “wow”. Corner shelving allows us to make the most of our awkward spaces without spending a fortune. And thanks to creative designers, bookcases are available in a multitude of sizes, styles and forms – including unique L-shaped ones that could be perfect for your awkward little zone! 

6. A reading nook

Treat your interior book worm! Of course what you add to your reading nook will depend on your available space and budget. But these pieces are considered crucial: a comfy chair, a bookcase or table with your reading material, proper lighting, and a dash of personal style to make this little zone uniquely yours (whether that be polka dot scatter cushions, a fluffy rug, an eye-catching art piece on the wall… ). 

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