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Social Security will compensate the payment of wages to  workers who have to stay home or reduce their hours to care for family members . One of the first measures that has lost strength after the avalanche of ERTEs in all types of companies.

Pension plans

The  self-employed  who have ceased their activity due to the coronavirus and those  affected by an ERTE  may redeem the contributions made to the pension plans to alleviate their liquidity needs.


The  deadlines for returning purchases are interrupted  for the duration of the alarm for both face-to-face and online purchases. Usually the products can be returned in a month. The time will count again when the alarm state ends. The consumer is protected in contracts for the sale of goods and the provision of services  whose execution is impossible  due to the pandemic.

R + D + i

In the face of the health emergency online loans direct payday lenders only caused by Covid-19, public institutions of science, technology and innovation may establish  extraordinary working hours . These extra hours will be compensated with the productivity supplement or through bonuses.The Ministry of Science will grant extraordinary credits to  the Carlos III Health Institute  for exceptional needs ( more than 25 million euros ) and to the  CSIC  (4.4 million).

Liquidity problems

Given the possibility that some companies may have liquidity problems to make the income from certain self-assessments, the Tax Agency will adapt its operations. Thus,  companies that avail themselves of the liquidity mechanism  offered by the decree  will not receive constraints for non-payment of taxes  until the financing line reaches them.


Bankrupt companies  have no obligation to file for bankruptcy . Two months will have to elapse from the end of the state of alarm so that the judges can admit these requests for the necessary contest for processing. German has also taken this measure.

Shareholders meetings

Listed companies that would have to hold their shareholders' meetings at the end of June will have  four more months, until the end of October . In addition, the Government allows them to be held  electronically  by the coronavirus, although it is not contemplated in the companies' bylaws.

Public work

In public works projects paralyzed by the pandemic, the concessionaire "may restore economic balance by  extending its initial duration to a maximum of 15%  or by modifying the clauses of economic content included in the contract" .

Economic cost

The Government estimates the cost of  additional measures to  the liquidity package of 200,000 million euros , 117,000 million public and the rest private, which articulates the royal decree, at around  5,000 million euros . This is the case of the ERTE and the other non-financial measures.