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What is it that draws us to the ocean? Is it the blue hues of a clear sky over crystal clear, shallow waters? Is it the feeling of the warm sun on our necks, whilst listening to the calming sound of waves gently pushing against the shore? Maybe it’s the natural beauty and simplicity of mother nature; getting away from the distractions of our hectic city lives and forgetting it all for a moment. 

Whatever it may be, there is something very pacifying about spending time by the beach. For many, it will be nothing more than a holiday once a year, but for the lucky few, this is their lifestyle. Here is some inspiration for creating a modern, luxurious coastal home that makes the most of the warmer climes, and brings that summertime feeling to your abode all year round.

Sun, sun, sun

​Living in a warm climate, it would seem essential to make the most of your outdoors lifestyle and blur the lines between the indoors and out. Utilise the outdoor areas wisely and create a space that is both beautiful and functional day and night. Invest in a quality outdoor dining set that will last through the many breakfasts, lunches and dinners spent here and the harsh effects of the salty air.

Clean and minimal

No matter how hard we try, it is hard to feel anything but relaxed when you spend time by the ocean. A sleeping space with no distractions will ensure a beautiful night's sleep after that hard day spent tanning and lazily migrating from your beach towel to the water's edge. Keep it simple; no need for anything visually stimulating in this space. Close your eyes and drift off to the scent of the salty, ocean air.

Splash of colour

​With the vibrant blues and greens of the ocean only a few hot, tiptoed steps away, why not bring these tones into the home and add some colour to accentuate the white throughout. Pictured here is a blue pebble tiled wall that perfectly matches the clear ocean in the distance. This feature wall frames the fire place, adding cool to the contrasting flames burning inside.

Shapes and shadows

​The sun shines bright in many beach-side homes year round, so why not take advantage of its amazing visual effects and surround yourself with outdoor features that make the most of the amazing lighting effects the sun can produce?

A cool, shaded environment creates both form and function. As you can see in this elegantly designed shading area, the sun allows for beautiful lines whilst protecting you from the harsh beams of midday sun.

Working from home

​Today more than ever, we are able to work from home and be as productive as ever in our own spaces away from the office. Living so close to the ocean, who would want to leave their home, if they don't have to?

If you are lucky enough to have the freedom to be able to work from home, you will want to have an office that is light, airy, and conducive to positive thinking and productivity. Allow enough space to allow you to breathe. Feeling cluttered will only hinder the amount of work you get done.

Hang an inspiring print of the ocean, so not as to forget where you are, or decorate with some indoor plants, to bring the outdoors lifestyle indoors. 

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When the ccean just isn't enough

​No luxury home in a tropical or subtropical climate is complete without a swimming pool. Nothing is more satisfying then knowing you can cool off only a few feet away. What better way to go for a dip in a luxurious pool then to do it with a spectacular view of the ocean. 

Entertaining guests in your home is all the more satisfying next to a pool, so keep the area surrounding the pool minimal to allow for guests to enjoy the space and move around freely. 

For some more great pool inspiration check out the ideabook`10 spectacular swimming pools`.

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