7 ways to bring the tranquil tropical style indoors

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Sunshine, coconuts, and the sound of the ocean waves in the background. Yes, these might be synonymous with a tropical island holiday, but you don’t need to be jetting off to an exotic location (or hire a professional Interior Designer) to enjoy a tropical ambience – thanks to the tropical design style, of course!

And with summer slowly but surely approaching, the idea of basking in a Mediterranean summer right in your living room (or kitchen, or dining room, or bedroom) is more appropriate than ever!

Let’s see 7 ways in which your home could flaunt the tropical style with perfect precision…  

1. The right colors and patterns

Tropical designs generally play with cool hues like blues and greens from the sea, sky and jungle. But don’t discount hotter tints like bright reds and oranges (even purples and pinks) that are meant to symbolize exotic plant life and weirdly colored animals. 

Just remember that tropical colors work well against a neutral color, so have those walls painted in white, soft gray, or a similar light color to provide a stunning contrast. Keep your floor in a neutral / earthy color, but feel free to add a bright rug. 

Alternatively, copy Mother Nature and forego a carefully planned color scheme. Throw together whatever colors appeal to you and complete the visual aesthetics by adding bright fabrics of lush tropical flowers and foliage.

2. Natural textures

From palm trees to beaches, the presence of texture is crucial in the tropical design style. Luckily, it’s easy to copy the roughness of a palm trunk, coconut, or driftwood with wicker, rattan, or jute pieces. And it’s no accident that natural materials like bamboo and teak work particularly well for the outdoors (how about an exterior living room / socializing space?). 

homify hint: To give the illusion of texture, consider incorporating textiles with lattice prints, island themes, or cane motifs.

3. Furnishings

You want comfortable pieces for sitting and lounging, which is why plump pillows on a sofa or chair are ideal! But for your actual furnishings, especially larger ones, consider those with simple and clean lines and made from natural materials (like wood). Bonus points if you manage to include some pieces with decoration on them, like a carved coffee table. 

4. Tropical foliage for décor

You need to have some big-leaf plants in your tropical-styled space, whether it’s fake ones detailed on wallpaper or real ones snuggly planted in potters. Be inspired by imagery of banana plants, oversized fronds, and a variety of lush greenery. 

5. Tropical and coastal accents

There’s a fine line between tropical- and nautical styles, but the fact remains that the sea / ocean is present in both of them. That means you’re welcome to play with some borderline coastal touches like sailor’s knots, hammocks, tiki torches, motifs detailing sea life, etc. 

To keep your tropical living room (or hallway, or bathroom… ) more chic than natural, keep the accent mediums sophisticated. We’re talking wood carvings, metal statues, and even some oil paintings. And don’t overlook the importance of a beautiful shell chandelier.

6. Light

To get that tranquil ambience right, make sure you’re using neutral, nature-oriented colors and that there are enough smooth textures to support light dispersion. Don’t go too far with artificial light – these should originate from small light kits, palm-like ceiling fans, or wicker/parchment paper. 

Oh, and depending on how wild and colorful you want that tropical style to be, feel free to have some crazy patterns on those lampshades (such as parasols, monkeys with sunglasses, etc.). 

7. Your windows

To really bring the tropical style home your windows need to flaunt a sense of freedom and closeness to nature. Ditch the heavy drapes and hang up some wooden (or other natural materials like bamboo) roll-blinds instead. 

If you do want to have some curtains included, choose fabrics that are light in material and color (pastel can also work) for an extra feeling of freshness. 

Moving outdoors (yet keeping our style coastal), let’s see these 8 vital elements to create your own Mediterranean garden

Are you all in for the tropical style in one of your home’s rooms?

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