Innovative ideas for decorating kitchen shelves to add style

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Kitchen shelves are often overlooked when designing the kitchen as one considers them as a means of utility and nothing more. Decorating kitchen shelves brings a unique touch to the room, accentuating the overall look by a great deal. This ideabook explores innovative ideas for adding style to kitchen shelves. Of the many options available, the ones that stand out are those that experiment with light, colour and texture. Regardless of the size and layout of the kitchen, the subtlety that well-decorated kitchen shelves bring can completely transform the kitchen.

1. Candles for the shelves

Odours are always present in the kitchen regardless of its size. A great way to combat it is with the use of scented candles that not only get rid of unpleasant or overpowering smells but also add to the aesthetics of the room. This kitchen makes use of contrasting candle holders on the lower shelf while the upper one hosts a potted plant, adding to the charm of the room.

2. Faux lighting

Up the ante of the kitchen shelves by adding a layer of faux lighting to illuminate them. This approach works particularly well with modular kitchen units that are dark-hued. A mix of open shelving as well as closed cabinets makes for a modern design that is both functional and appealing.

3. An impressive display

Neatly arranged crockery and cutlery can also serve as decor. Wine glasses, kitchen jars, cutlery, pots, pans and kitchen essentials have been arranged on wooden shelves against a white tiled background, making for an impressive display. To enhance the look one can also incorporate potted greenery to add a natural touch to the space.

4. Lighted shelves

A mix of shelves and cabinets is an absolute must, and it is brought to life in this design by using lighting. The standout display is thanks to the illuminated shelves, which have a glass casing. Standalone kitchen jars have been chosen for display on the well-lit shelves while the kitchen countertop is left plain with the stove and knife holder as the only accessories.

5. Translucent cabinets

Yet another variation to regular kitchen cabinets are translucent casings, which accentuate the look of the entire area. Choosing to install subtle lighting in the cabinets adds a unique touch to the space. The presence of hanging lights elevates the kitchen design to a whole new level.

6. Hydraulic kitchen cabinets

With innovation in interior designing and decoration, hydraulic kitchen cabinets are no surprise! Rather than making use of kitchen door cabinets that open outwards, these cabinets open upwards which add a unique touch to the area. Using glass on the cabinet doors makes it easy to place décor items or display neatly arranged shelves to add style to the kitchen.

7. Vases for the kitchen

Kitchen shelves or countertops can also be decorated with vases and mugs to avoid leaving the area looking too plain. This modular kitchen makes use of dark-hued vases that look wonderful against the white kitchen top, contrasting the red-tiled backdrop perfectly.

8. Industrial-style shelves

Shelves don't necessarily have to run above the kitchen top as this design depicts. It makes use of a metallic blue open rack that is suspended from the ceiling of the room, and additional support is provided at the side by the wall. Keeping with the industrial design theme are the cookware and crockery on display.

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