8 vital elements to create your own Mediterranean garden

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There’s something undeniably romantic and tranquil about a Mediterranean-style garden. Those vibrant terracotta pots, deliciously textured gravel pathways, and vine-laden pergolas immediately conjure up images of a sunny, lazy holiday. Wouldn’t it be great if that tranquil vibe could exist in your very own garden / yard?

Of course it would! And it can, thanks to these 8 key elements that you can incorporate into your very own Mediterranean garden…

1. Mediterranean plants

This one needs no explaining, so invest in some olive- and citrus trees, lavender, rosemary, grapes, bay trees, pomegranates, and oleanders to add some inspiring plants and flowers to your Mediterranean garden. 

The best of all? Many of these work great in pots, making it perfect for smaller courtyard gardens too (but more on pots in step 6)!

2. Textured / patterned tiles

The sun beating down on those warm tones of terracotta tiles is ideal for evoking an authentic Mediterranean vibe. But should you want to go the more rustic route, choose terracotta paving with a tumbled edge. For a smoother style, look for a tile that can be laid into a pattern. 

3. Terraces and raised garden beds

Modern Garden with a rustic twist Yorkshire Gardens Modern Garden pergola,sleepers,raised bed
Yorkshire Gardens

Modern Garden with a rustic twist

Yorkshire Gardens

The Mediterranean landscape is known for its mountainous regions, rolling hills, coastal settings, and everything in between. So, don’t worry too much about having a perfectly smooth and level surface for your Mediterranean garden. To make a sloping site work, terraces and raised garden beds are usually created. 

4. Adequate overhead shade

You don’t want to burn to a crisp while enjoying your Mediterranean garden, do you? Shade is crucial, from a safety- and design perspective, which is why you need to look at rustic constructions like pergolas and patio overhangs. 

And you’ll sure earn some bonus points if you can have a fast-growing climbing plant add some lush texture to that shade-providing structure! 

5. Gravel instead of lawn

Any professional (such as a Gardener or Landscape Architect) will agree that Mediterranean gardens place more emphasis on gravel pathways and well-contained ground covers than perfectly pruned lawns. The other great thing about these is that they also require less water and energy to maintain. 

6. Pots for your plants

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Terracotta pots may have been the traditional choice of Mediterranean gardens in the past, but modern designs have shown us that pots constructed from concrete or ceramic coated in lime-wash or glaze can work just as well. 

7. A water feature

You need something to help conjure up images of the fresh, blue Mediterranean Sea! Luckily, there are many small water features that can add a sense of tranquility to your outdoor space, regardless of its size or layout. Our favorite, though, remains a wall fountain with a stone trough against it for collecting that cascading water. 

8. Garden furniture

Mediterranean gardens require very little upkeep compared to other gardens. That means you have more time to sit down (in that shaded area you created) and enjoy your handiwork. 

For a Mediterranean garden with a formal al fresco dining attitude, we recommend wrought-iron outdoor furniture. Contemporary lounges are ideal to create a more casual, laid-back setting. And don’t be scared to add some color and pattern via scatter cushions, blankets, perhaps even an outdoor rug. Just as long as you’re inspired by Mediterranean-type motifs that are usually seen on tile designs.

From outside splendor to interior inspiration, have fun with these 10 plants that are perfect for your living room.

Are you keen on trying the Mediterranean style in your garden or not?

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