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The half bath, or powder room as it is popularly known, is essentially a bathroom located on the main floor of the house. It comes with a sink, toilet, small vanity and of course, a mirror. It is generally one of the smaller rooms in a home, occupying not more than four by five feet. The square footage that it occupies makes it subject to specific trends and designs that work well in small spaces. Experimenting with colours and patterns is common in powder rooms, and they can be one of the most interesting rooms in the house to decorate. This ideabook explores ideas to inspire you.

1. Modern design

In smaller rooms where there is no access to natural light, embrace a moodier, edgier atmosphere with darker tones. This powder room makes use of a metallic sink, with marble flooring and tiling. A modern wall tap attached to the frameless mirror sets the right mood for the contemporary design.

2. Natural elements

If space allows for it,  incorporating natural elements is always an excellent option for the powder room. One can do so by laying out a pebble bed upon which indoor plants can be arranged. This room makes use of brown and white tiles, keeping with the overall neutral tone of the remaining elements in the area.

3. Single-walled

The best thing about a powder room is that it can be incorporated just about anywhere. This room makes use of a single wall to include all the essentials – a mirror, the washbasin and a storage unit. A ledge on the wall allows the arrangement of indoor plants while a wooden soap dish and potpourri add life to the area.

4. All grey!

Modern bathroom design with a vanity unit Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio Modern Bathroom
Rhythm  And Emphasis Design Studio

Modern bathroom design with a vanity unit

Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio

Utilising the entire width of the bathroom is this cosy yet compact powder room that packs in all the essentials. A granite slab divides the space into a 3:1 ratio, housing a closed storage unit in the lower portion and open shelves in the upper area, which allows ease of access. The use of a white pedestal sink contrasts the slab while a brown window shutter matches the colour of the wooden door of the bathroom.

5. Textured tiles

White Powder Room AAMRAPALI BHOGLE Classic style bathroom Sandstone White

White Powder Room


Textured tiles are a fantastic option for experimenting with visual tricks. This powder room makes use of an all-white theme along with textured tiles to accentuate the overall look. Floating storage avoids taking up too much of the limited floor space while an elongated mirror running along the length of the room completes the look, creating a sense of spaciousness.

6. Wooden theme

This powder room makes use of a wooden storage unit and a wood-framed mirror. The area makes use of light brown wallpaper that resembles the bark of a tree. A countertop washbasin with a metallic tap contributes to the rustic theme of the room. Glass shelves are used to display decor and arrange the essentials.

7. Cosy and compact

POWDER ROOM 2 de square Rustic style bathroom
de square


de square

Effectively utilizing the available space is this small and comfortable powder room. It primarily touches upon a wood-and-cement theme on the lower half of the walls, washbasin, the frame of the mirror and the tank, lending it a rustic theme. A metallic mixer tap completes the look.

8. Corner powder room

Powder Room in Mystique Moods, Viman Nagar, Pune Umbrella Tree Designs Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs
Umbrella Tree Designs

Powder Room in Mystique Moods, Viman Nagar, Pune

Umbrella Tree Designs

This lovely powder room precedes the entrance to the wet area of the bathroom. It makes use of a ceramic washbasin which is lined with a gold rim and embossed motifs. A gold-rimmed towel hanger contributes to the look. The polished granite rests on a sturdy storage unit atop which the basin rests.

9. Shelved powder room

Innovation has no bounds when it comes to interior designing and decorating as this powder room demonstrates. It makes use of faux lighting to frame the mirror while sober tiled walls uphold the structure of the design. A wall-mounted tap and an over-mounted washbasin are complemented by the garden's most beautiful pick, adding a hint of freshness to the area.

10. Elongated powder room

This stretched room packs in all the essentials cleverly and concisely. The storage unit features wooden drawers as well as cupboards with metallic handles. The olive tiles are floral-patterned at the centre and plain towards the edges.

The bathroom mirror significantly influences the overall look of any powder room. These innovative modern bathroom mirrors are bound to provide inspiration!

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