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7 must-have items for your new Mediterranean kitchen

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Ah, the magic of the Mediterranean! Sun-kissed beaches, tasty cuisine and cocktails, and striking natural views as far as the eye can see. Few might know that the Mediterranean is actually home to a diverse lifestyle that combines the best of various different cultures (and languages, and cuisines) to evoke a setting enhanced by visual richness and inviting warmth. 

The same pretty much goes for Mediterranean design, which is a delicious mishmash of different elements to produce a visually striking space that’s simultaneously elegant, charming, timeless, and full of character. Even more so for a Mediterranean kitchen, which is always the heart of any home.

But why go for the Mediterranean design in your kitchen, you might wonder. Aside from the aesthetics, a Mediterranean kitchen might just subtly influence you to try a more ‘Mediterranean-centric diet’, which experts claim can help you to stay genetically young. 

Thus, if you’re looking to switch things around in your kitchen (with or without the help of a professional Kitchen Planner) and promote a healthier (and delicious) lifestyle, these 7 elements are non-negotiable for your new Mediterranean kitchen:

1. A rich, natural color scheme

Think of the Mediterranean setting to see the colors of its natural landscapes and flora. Hot reds, rich yellows, terra cotta earth tints, with a healthy splash of ocean blues and sea greens for balance. 

But don’t spend too much time trying to craft the perfect Mediterranean color palette. Just make sure they’re all tied together with creative usage of Mediterranean décor pieces. 

2. Elegantly swooping curves

Mediterranean Style Rencraft Kitchen Wood Blue

Mediterranean Style


Speaking of décor, the Mediterranean style is big on sweeping curves and sinuous curlicues. Those dark wood tones of Mediterranean furniture may seem heavy and solid, but they still exude a strong style of movement via intricate curves and carvings. 

And these elegant forms can also add a softness and sense of fluidity to an otherwise angular kitchen. 

3. Hand-painted tiles

Ornate patterns and designs of signature hand-painted tiles show up in just about every Mediterranean-style space. Whether it’s for your backsplash or floor, you need tiles with creative motifs to help make up your new kitchen design. 

4. Heavy metal accents

To keep up with the earthy look of the Mediterranean style, consider adding a strong dose of metals to your kitchen. Wrought iron, especially, can add visual weight while also ensuring a sense of softness via those curves. 

And you don’t get more Mediterranean than a wrought-iron pot rack full of copper cookware! 

5. Rustic lighting fixtures

Be inspired by those wrought-iron pieces to help craft your Mediterranean kitchen’s lighting. How about a majestic, wrought-iron chandelier dangling above your kitchen island for a supreme eye-catching conversation piece? And for both task- and accent lighting we love the idea of smaller wrought-iron pendant lights with long iron chains and wrought-iron candelabras. 

6. Enhanced texture on walls

Textured, plaster-finished walls don’t just look visually pleasing due to their natural colors, but they also add a tactile dimension and depth to their visual appearance. But it’s completely your choice whether you want to opt for a smooth and refined look with Venetian plaster, or rougher stucco, textured walls that were much trendier back in the day. 

homify hint: Enhance your finished walls’ raised textures by adding sand or coffee grounds to the paint. 

7. Dark wood tones and natural elements

The Mediterranean design style flourishes on dark wood tones, especially rich-tinted wood varieties like walnut. To accentuate them even further, lots of people and designers opt for deep staining and elaborate decorative detailing, especially when it comes to exposed ceiling beams. 

And let’s not forget that the darker and more detailed the wood, the more prominent the contrast with those creamy granite counter tops and earthy textured walls.

That’s pretty much the basics on Mediterranean kitchens; this is What you need to know about 2020’s contemporary kitchen designs.

Are you up for giving the Mediterranean style a try in your kitchen?

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