6 amazing ideas to welcome summer into your home

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It’s the season of warmth so time to throw open the windows, welcome in the cool breeze, embrace the pretty light colours, and of course, white, white, white. It’s time to move away the heavy rugs, the dark coloured curtains and the smaller décor items that clutter the room. Summer is a season of freshness, clear lovely skies and the outdoors, and hence your décor should also reflect that. If you love hosting parties, this is the best time of the year when you can create the perfect outdoor entertainment. Vinyl and wicker are the trusted outdoor furniture material that can withstand the elements and instantly cheer up the outdoor space. A skylight can be installed to incorporate natural lighting into your space. It is also that time of the year when the house can be given a new coat of paint both indoors and outdoors to create a curb appeal. Heavy curtains can be put always and sheers and lightweight curtains can bring in more light. New plants can be planted in the garden. Thick sheets and duvets in the bedroom can be changed to light weight sheets keeping the room cool. Open the windows to let in the breeze keeping air conditioning costs down.

Pop of Colour

Inducing colour into your home will be the best way to welcome summer. Bring out the colourful floral cushions to perk up the living room. Ceiling fans can be switched on and the air conditioner can be used sparingly for really hot days bringing down the energy bills. Pastel colour themes will go well in summer and add the necessary colour to the house making it look bright and attractive. Colourful lightweight and sheer curtains can add a lot of glamour to the rooms and make it look cheerful. Heavy winter curtains can be stored away and it can make way for fresh new fabrics if the budget allows. Exteriors can also be coloured bright to give an instant curb appeal. Bringing in the sunlight through the day into the rooms will also make the rooms cheerful and bright. Create a relaxing corner with a good outdoor view and place a colourful couch and a nice rug. It will become your favourite spot in the house.

Fully floral

Fully floral themes work really well for a summer home. Summer brings in a lot of blooms in the garden, likewise printed crockery; table runners, curtains and hand towels can be brought out for the kitchen making it fresh looking. Adding colourful blooms in a vase will provide an attractive touch to the kitchen. This same floral theme can be adopted in other rooms too including your wardrobe. Floral curtains can look good in any room. Likewise floral couches look pretty in a living room complementing the colour of the walls. Floral sofas can blend well with any background colour. Check out this one from Pedroso & Osorio, suppliers of textiles and upholstery from Porto.

Use your outdoor spaces

Outdoor spaces can be used during summer. Decorating the outdoor spaces can provide a lot of curb appeal and make the house look attractive. Perk up the yard and give the outdoor space a monochromatic palette. You can use round tables, umbrellas and stools where you can entertain guests. Seating arrangements can be made in a corner of the patio using colour accents like cushion in bright colours and eye-popping florals. It also creates an intimate gathering space. Prioritize the space as to how you plan to use it, before making any decorative decisions. Add potted plants and make the place look stylish.

Lighten your bed

With winter gone, the bed has to be lightened up. Put away all winter clothing and bed accessories and bring in lightweight sheets. Pack the woollens and bring in the cottons and linens. This will provide cool comfort in the bedroom. There are several cool fabrics to choose from and at affordable rates. Choose a theme depending on the colour of the room. Soft colour pallets go well in a bedroom providing a soft ambience. Adding soft lights will also lighten the mood of the room and make it cosy and inviting. Choosing cotton fabrics for curtains and opening the windows can let in air and the room will get a fresh look.

Bring nature indoors

Bringing nature indoors can provide a cheerful look to the house. Potted plants at any corner of the room can give a cheerful look to the room. Small indoor gardens can be a sight to behold and can brighten up a home instantly. As plants need sufficient light, a spot near the window can host a few plants. Use your creativity to keep potted plants having plants of any size, colour and texture. They can also be mix and matched to give a colourful look. A single potted palm can also look majestic in a room. Different textures of plants provide an interesting look. Plants can also be hung if there is a good stand in the wall. Either a green or a blooming plant can be hung to give some colour to the room. There are a wide variety of plants and you can use your creativity to create a perfect green corner in the room.

Maximise the light

Summer brings in a lot of light. Maximise the light available during this season and save on energy bills. During summer, the windows can be opened throughout the house bringing in light to brighten up the rooms. The lights need not be switched on during the day and this can bring down the energy bills. Skylights can be installed if necessary to brighten up the living room. To maximise light in areas where natural light is less, try placing a mirror on the wall adjacent or opposite to a window. The mirror will mimic the window and it would seem that there are more window and light will get reflected. Keep light fixtures clean so that they will shine the brightest.

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